Mumbai Travel requires a negative test report for coronavirus now

Do you want to travel to Mumbai? So, you may require a negative coronavirus report. Yes, travel restrictions have been imposed by the Maharastra Government for the travellers from the states like Gujarat, Goa, Delhi, Rajasthan and Kerala. Right now, Kerala has been dealing with the highest number of cases within the country while the Maharastra is at the second highest spot. Prior to minimum 72 hour of departure, traveller needs to go through RT-PCR and posses a negative report in order to become eligible for the travel. Test has been made compulsory for every possible airline. Therefore, it does not matter which airline you have been travelling.

Tests have been made mandatory for the passengers through train as well. In case of train passengers, test must be done minimum 96 hours before boarding a train. In case you have not brought COVID-19 report with you then you will be screened. In case a passenger develops coronavirus symptoms then it is necessary to perform a rapid antigen test. If it is a positive report then passenger may be hospitalized and barred from travelling. Treatment expense must be paid by passenger also.

Restriction on the passenger from Kerala has been put on as a precautionary measure.

In Mumbai, mobile RT-PCR lab has been present also to detect COVID-19. They usually deliver result within 24 hours. Indian Council of Medical Research has developed this service in collaboration with the Spice Health.

Total number of cases in India is around 137, 536 at the moment while condition of 8944 patients have been quite severe. Numbers of coronavirus cases have been going down in the last few weeks. Experts believe that it has happened due to several reasons. In some parts of India, herd immunity has been achieved. Mask is also mandatory in several states of India. Vaccination drive has been started too which may have contributed to the decrease in the active COVID-19 cases.

However, a surge has been noticed in Mumbai since local trains have started for all. Some violations of rules may be seen as a reason. Maharastra Government has ordered the citizen to follow the COVID-19 rules strictly. They have also warned the citizen that lockdown may be imposed once again if COVID-19 rules are flouted.

Recently, few cases have been found with South Africa and Brazil variant of coronavirus. Therefore, people have been asked to stay vigilant. It is necessary to wear a mask and maintain a social distance now. Otherwise, another wave of coronavirus may be seen through India.

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