Travelling in the time of COVID-19

In the last one year, we have become familiar with the words like social distancing, delayed, travel corridors, lockdown and cancelled flights. Therefore, it is possible to observe an itch among the people to travel. Now, the question what can a safe traveling destination. Due to this downtime on travel, bucket list may be increasing. Through use of mask and maintaining other safety precaution, it may be possible to travel now.

Due to COVID-19, everything has changed. It has altered our traveling habits completely. It has become necessary to use hand sanitizer at regular intervals. Glamorous cabin crew has been wearing masks and gloves during the travel time also. Tests are being done on entry as well as departure. Travel restriction has become a part of the new normal also. During travel, people may need to stay in quarantine hotels in some countries. As a result, it is quite natural to be stuck in a country also.

Lots of negatives can be seen when it comes to travel. However, it is always better to concentrate on positives. Globally, restrictions have been in place. For the travel, quieter cities must be chosen that also comes with lesser amount of pollution.

Here are places that can be travelled in 2021 with the mask on


Instead of travelling through Euro Train or boarding a plane, it is better to come up with some cool travel mode that ensures social distancing also. Campervan, VW van or a car can be chosen as a mode of travel. Summer trip can be planned in Europe. It may be possible to cruise through the coastlines, sip favorite wine from a French vineyard or devour some delicious pizzas in Italy. In this way, travel time can be enjoyed with the family, friends and loved ones.

Now-a-days, people can work from anywhere. Following day’s work, dive into the world of Netflix with the loved while traveling. Natural view can be enjoyed too. On the occasion, some Instagram worthy pictures can be taken also.


Instead of choosing the bustling cities of Jakarta, it is better to secure a boat or book a flight seat and go to one of the most secluded islands of Indonesia. For the surfers, it is always a dream to enjoy Lombok. The location must be added to the bucket list due to its sheer beauty.

In addition, you can travel to Nusa Tenggara with Le Pirate. There are pink beaches where swim with the stray fish can be done in order to create an unforgettable memory.

Due to coronavirus, travel requirement has been changing constantly. Therefore, it is better to be aware of travelling destination. Before traveling, negative COVID-19 test results have to be submitted. If you are going to Jakarta then it may be necessary to stay quarantine for minimum 5 days.

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