Side effects of COVID-19 like fatigue or shortness of breath can last up to a year – says study

Many patients of COVID-19 have been experiencing symptoms like shortness of breath and fatigue even a year after the hospitalization. Through a Chinese study, these details about the after effect of COVID-19 have been revealed. By the British Medical Journal called The Lancet, study has been published that states COVID-19 patients have been suffering from minimum one symptom. In most cases, persistent symptoms like muscle weakness and fatigue have been witnessed among the patient even after a year

Researchers have noticed that minimum one patient among three have been experiencing shortness of breath for almost a year after suffering from coronavirus. In case, patients have suffered severely from COVID-19 then chances are more. The Lancet has said through an editorial along the study, “With no proven treatments or even rehabilitation guidance, long Covid affects people’s ability to resume normal life and their capacity to work. The study shows that for many patients, full recovery from Covid-19 will take more than 1 year.”

On the occasion, the study has been conducted among 1300 people that have been hospitalized due to COVID-19 between January and May of 2020 in Wuhan, China. It is the location which has been the epicenter of COVID-19 in the beginning. According to the observation, 68% people have been suffering from at least one symptom after six months of COVID-19. Post one year, the number may be reduced to 49%.
In case of respiratory discomfort, an increase in percentage can be seen from 26% in six months to 30% people after 12 months. Through the study, it has been also found that 43% women are more likely to suffer than men. In addition to the symptoms like fatigue and muscle soreness, depression or anxiety can be diagnosed in some occasion too.

Earlier research from different nation has warned the authorities to be prepared to deal with the long terms COVID-19 side effects. It is important to provide necessary support to the health workers as well as patients that have suffered from COVID-19 primarily. The editorial has also emphasized “Long Covid is a modern medical challenge of the first order” More research is required on the long term effect of the COVID-19 to have a detailed understanding about the condition. As a result, better treatment plan can be offered to the patient. Better care of the patient can be taken.

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