Scientists have been looking out for other coronavirus variant apart from Delta

Due to spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus continuously, the scientists have started to name its variant according to the Greek alphabets. In order to track the mutation, World Health organization has been using the method. Some of these variants have also managed to escape the protection that is being offered by the vaccine.
Most of the scientists have been concentrating on the Delta variant still now as it has become dominant all over the world. However, they have been trying to keep a track on the other variants also.


First, Delta variant has been found in India. It has become a variant of concern soon after. Delta variant has been affecting people in the countries that are still largely unvaccinated. It has been observed that the variant has the ability to affect large number of people in a relatively limited time. Increase in transmissibility has also impacted the severity of disease. On the occasion, reduction in the vaccination benefit has been noticed too as well as treatments.
Virologist Shane Crotty from La Jolla Institute for Immunologt, San Francisco has referred Delta as the superpower due to its transmissibility. In case of delta, infected people can carry 1260 times more virus than the original version. In case of vaccinated people, viral load is almost similar to the unvaccinated people. However, more research may be required on the issue.
In order to observe the symptoms with the original COVID-19 cases, you may have to wait for around 7 days. However, it has reduced to mere 2 to 3 days with delta variant of coronavirus. As a result, immune system may not get enough time to offer resistance to the virus. Further mutation can be seen with the delta virus as well.
By India, a Delta Plus variant has been listed also as a variant of concern. However, other countries have not followed the suit so far. Till now, Delta variant has been potted in almost 32 countries in the world. Scientists have not managed to a conclusion yet whether Delta variant is more dangerous or not.

Lambda is one its way out

Initially, Lambda variant of coronavoirus has attracted attention of the people as a potential threat. First case of Lambda has been detected in Peru during the month of December last year. However, cases are decreasing now.
According to WHO, it is a ‘variant of interest’. Due to mutation, alteration in the transmissibility level and severity in the disease can be noticed. Lots of research is going on this variant also. The variant has shown capability to resist antibodies induced by the vaccine.

B.1.621 is to watch out for

Columbia has first reported cases with B.1.621 in January. Name has not been given to this variant yet in Greek letters. It is also a ‘variant of interest’ definitely. Some key mutations have been noticed with this variant. High transmissibility and reduction in immune protection can be seen with B.1.621 as well. 37 cases have been reported from UK. Some cases have been seen in Florida too.
In coming days, more variant of coronavirus can be seen as the virus goes through further mutation.

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