COVID-19 is still taking its toll, but there is hope of improvement

Through the Axios/ Ipsos report, it has been said that 63% people are expected to receive the vaccine as soon as dosages are available. Upon given the option of taking the vaccine now and later, 50% of the American has said that they like to take the jab immediately. Highest percentages have been recorded with the Ipsos report.
In this way, people may not be depressed regarding coronavirus situation. More than 450,000 people have died due to coronavirus. Last month, 100,000 people have been added to the list. Right now, there are about 25 million cases in the United States of America. Due to coronavirus, businesses have suffered especially.
Till now, effect of the new variants is not known in USA. However, there is a ray of hope. Number of active coronavirus cases around the world is decreasing. People are being vaccinated in a faster rate. Increase in the number of vaccinated people may be seen further in the coming days.

COVID-19 cases are still high. However, average rolling in seven days is around 130,000. Numbers are dropping at an alarming rate at the moment. It is possible to observe a drop of 30% in the last two weeks. Cases have been this low about three months ago in the month of November.
In every state of USA, numbers of cases have decreased considerably in the last few weeks. Hospitalization cases have decreased also. 20% lesser hospitalization rate can be observed now.
Most of hospitalization cases usually lead to death. In spite of a drop in the number of cases, death rates have not decreased dramatically. However, it may drop in coming days. Current trends may not turn into future trend.
Numbers of vaccinated people every day have been surpassing the number of active cases each day.

United States of America President Joe Biden has said earlier that it is his goal to vaccinate 100 million people in 100 days. Statistics have suggested that the goal may be reached easily. 1.2 million dosage are given every day in average.
Number of vaccination may be increased in coming days. For both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, 2 shots are necessary. More than 255 million adults are present in USA.
News have arrived that 16% more vaccines are being made in USA now. Therefore, more people can be vaccinated. Increase may be seen further in coming three months.
By the end of March, Pfizer and Moderna are expected to offer 220 million vaccines combined. Pfizer has said that they may able to deliver 200 million doses in May and Moderna has said that 200 million doses may be available from the month of June.
Through an announcement, Biden has said that they have ordered about 200 million more vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna combined.

In addition, Johnson & Johnson has also requested for an emergency use of their vaccine from FDA. It is going to be one dose vaccine. They may offer 100 million vaccines by the month of June.
As a result, enough vaccines may be in the hand to vaccinated almost 300 million people by June. In this way, America may able to cover people aged 18 and above easily by the end of summer.

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