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How to gain your health back after the pandemic

If you look at your weight then you may find that you have become heavier in comparison to the time when the pandemic has started. Healthy habits may have been ignored while you have stayed back in home and worked … Continue reading

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Olympics during the time of COVID-19: 3 athletes test positive with coronavirus, 2 of them are residing in Olympic village

Due to rampant nature of COVID-19 last year, organizing country Japan has decided to postpone it. Originally, Olympic is scheduled to be held on 2020. However, it is going to begin from 23rd July, 2021 following to the coronavirus pandemic. … Continue reading

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“It was ‘premature’ to rule out Covid lab leak” – says WHO chief

Head of WHO has said that it has been premature to rule out the possibility of lab leak as a cause of COVID-19 pandemic emergence. It has been requested to China to become more open and transparent regarding this issue. … Continue reading

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UK lifts Coronavirus Lockdown and Face Masks become a ‘personal choice’

Face masks are used as a layer of protection against the coronavirus. However, it is not going to be mandatory in UK hereon. Face mask will become a personal choice following to the complete lift of the lockdown. From the … Continue reading

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COVID vaccine from China has shown low effectiveness and they are looking for alternatives – admits Chinese official

Chinese disease control top official admits about the low effectiveness of Chinese vaccines. In order to give a boost, experts are thinking about mixing it with another vaccine. Director of China Centers for Disease Control named Gao Fu has said … Continue reading

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Origin of COVID-19 through an incident in laboratory ‘extremely unlikely’: reports WHO

By the World Health Organization or WHO, a report has been released on COVID-19 origin global tracing. It has been a joint research of WHO in collaboration with China. On the occasion, Researchers have given importance on the virus pathways … Continue reading

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