Worst outbreak is being witnessed by China now after Wuhan

Fresh wave of coronavirus is gripping China once again. It is believed to be happening due to highly transmissible delta variant of coronavirus. In addition to Beijing, five other provinces of China have witnessed spread of coronavirus. By the media in China, it has been reported that it is the worst surge after the initial domestic outbreak of pandemic in December, 2019.

More than 200 cases have been reported and it has been connected to the outbreak in the Nanjing Airport area on 20th July. Flights have been suspended till 11th August. In the centre of outbreak, mass testing is being conducted now. Some of the restrictions have been imposed again.

According to the reports, a partial lockdown has been ordered. In the both entry and exit point, check post has been created to regulate the residents, Transportation in the area has been stopped also. People have been criticizing the authorities as they are not prepared adequately to deal with the outbreak.


Health officials at Nanjing have reported that the cases are all connected to the cleaners on the Russian flight that has arrived in China on 10th July. It seems that the cleaners have not followed the coronavirus protocol adequately.
Senior disciplinary body of the Chinese Communist Party has summoned the airport management and said “problems such as lack of supervision and unprofessional management.”

Further, it has been said “A number of infection prevention measures weren’t implemented in detail. The early confirmed cases of this round of the epidemic were mainly found among ground staff and aircraft cleaning teams, which were outsourced to the Nanjing Lukou Airport Cleaning Co.”

Later on, it has been added “The airport did not separate the cleaning personnel responsible for cleaning domestic flights from those cleaning international flights, and routine supervision was seriously lacking.” Since this incident, number of cases has increased in the cities as well as some of the provinces in China such as Guangdong, Anhui Sichuan and Hunan.

Question rose about efficacy of Chinese vaccine

Due to the surge of coronavirus cases in China, efficacy of the Chinese vaccine has been raised and whether it is effective against the delta variant. It is not clear till now how many vaccinated people have been affected by the coronavirus again. Previously, South-East Asian countries have said that they will not be using the Chinese vaccine.

Second cluster

Possibility of a second cluster cannot be ignored. Popular live show has been organized at the Zhangjiajie National Park, Hunan Province. Three people tested positive with the coronavirus from Dalian have attended the live show and visited Nanjing Airport before.

More than 3000 people have been present during the show and stayed in close proximity to each other. Several cases have found in Beijing that is connected with the live show too. Due to these cases, Beijing’s streak of zero coronavirus cases has ended after 17 days.

In a statement, spokesperson of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Part of China has acknowledged the fact that current outbreak is quite severe.

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