“World could have prevented COVID catastrophe” – says expert

COVID-19 pandemic could have been stopped from going to a catastrophic scale according to a global independent panel of experts. However, poor coordination and hesitation have made it worse as everyone has ignored the warning signs.

The Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response or IPPPR has said 3.3 millions of people have died and demolishing effect on the economy has been seen due to a series of bad decisions. Institutions have not managed to connect with the people. World leaders have denied science and it has eradicated the public trust.

Early outbreaks have been detected in Wuhan, China in December, 2019. Till the month of February, urgency has not been seen among the authorities all over the world. Due to loss of these crucial months as they have failed to recognize the alarming bell, people have led to this catastrophe.

In order to control this pandemic, rich countries need to donate millions of vaccines to the economically poor ones. It is also said that wealthy nations should fund a new organization to deal with the next pandemic properly.

Delay and Denial

Ms Sirlef from the World Health organization has said to the reporters, “The situation we find ourselves in today could have been prevented. It is due to a myriad of failures, gaps and delays in preparedness and response.”

In the report, it has been said, the emergence of COVID-19 has been characterized by “Some early and rapid action, but also by delay, hesitation, and denial. Poor strategic choices, unwillingness to tackle inequalities and an uncoordinated system created a toxic cocktail which allowed the pandemic to turn into a catastrophic human crisis.”
Pandemic threat has been ignored and the world has not been prepared with one at the same time.

Vaccine Ultimatum

On the occasion, World Health Organization is not spared from criticism. It has been said that WHO could have announced Public Health Emergency of International Concern as early as 22nd January, 2020. However, they have waited eight days before taking any action.

Here, country’s relative inaction should be mentioned also. In March at last, pandemic has been declared by World Health Organization. There is no doubt in the fact that China has delayed things. However, others have done the same also.

From first identification in Wuhan to PHEIC declaration, sometime has been lost. In addition, there is loss of February month completely. If pandemic has not been accelerated with the delays then we may not be observing this devastation of last 15 -16 months.

Some recommendation has been made by regarding current situation with the pandemic also.

• Rich countries should provide COVID-19 vaccine to poorer territories

• G7 industrialized nations can fund the 60% of vaccine fund in addition to diagnostic and medical supplies that is around $19 billion. Rest of money should be offered by the G20 members.

• Voluntary licensing and technology transfer regarding manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccine should be made by the manufacturers and vaccine producing countries. If action is not taken within 3 months then intellectual property rights can be waivered immediately.

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