Will the vaccine be effective on the new variant of COVID-19

From the places like UK and South Africa, news about coronavirus mutation has been heard. It has certainly raised an alarm all over the world. However, experts believe that the newly developed authorized vaccines are capable enough to hammer the new variant. In case the virus mutate further then the vaccines may have to be reprogrammed quickly in order to make it effective on the new variant of the virus.

Quite naturally, people are quite jittery at the moment due to this new variant of virus. In the midst of hope with the new and approved vaccines that may end the war against the COVID-19, the new variant has brought some challenges.
By the administration in UK and South Africa, it has been announced that the new variant of the virus has been spreading in their countries. Some of the scientists fear that it is already spreading in United States also. However, new strains have not been detected in USA yet. Through genomic sequencing only, new variant of the virus can be detected. One of the studies has indicated that the new variant is about 56% more transmissible.

If vaccines are to be recalibrated then it may take few more months to roll out. However, pharmaceutical companies like Moderna, Pfizer and Biotech may not have to go through extensive randomized trials once again that has been imposed by FDA in the beginning of vaccine trial.

British Health Secretary has said that mutation of the virus is further in case of virus in South Africa in comparison to England. The new variant is spreading rapidly within the country. Due to this warning, panic can be seen in the country. According to the scientist, mutation cane noticed with every virus. However, the virus in question is not mutating quickly. Evidence has been seen yet if the new variant is more dangerous than the previous variant. There is no reason to think that it is going to be more harmful in the future.

Research about the new variant of coronavirus is in its early stages now. Extensive research may be required to come to a conclusion. There is not enough data available. Therefore, scientists have been tracking very minutely at the moment.

Effectiveness of Vaccine on New Variant

Most of the experts think that the newly developed vaccines for the coronavirus are going to work on the new variant also. It is at least true scenario for now. Leading three vaccines have shown immune response against the virus. Different parts of the virus are expected to be attacked with the vaccine. So, even if a part of the virus is mutated, it is still going to be effective.

In case the virus mutate further in the future then there may be a reason to worry. Vaccine may not work when the virus has changed significantly to escape the vaccine effect completely. On the occasion, people may be affected further. Therefore, it is matter of concern for the scientist to know how the virus is changing.

Through the new variant, it has been noticed that virus is capable of adaptation as more people are affected. Therefore, the scientists may need to update the vaccine in the future. However, present vaccines can be tweaked easily. Therefore, issues may not be seen.

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