Why Should You Wear a Mask after COVID Vaccine?

In more than 40 countries, vaccination process is starting gradually. Till now, 24 million doses have been administered already. Due to introduction of new strain of COVID vaccine, transmission rate of the coronavirus has increased. Therefore, requirement of vaccine has enhanced further. To deal with the coronavirus, you must not forget about basic precautions also which is wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and hygiene. These precautions are not an alternative to the vaccine. However, it is good way to counter the COVID-19.

Most of the people think that arrival of the vaccine is solution to all their worries. It is believed by the people that they may not have to wear a mask or maintain a social distance due to immunity against the virus. However, it is not the truth at all.

What does it mean?

Roll out of the vaccines have started. However, it is hard to ensure 100% efficacy from any vaccine. From the month of November, vaccination has started by Pfizer that offers 90% efficacy. During 3rd phase of trial, 43,538 people have been vaccinated. In case of Moderna vaccine, 94.5% effectiveness has been noticed against the infection of COVID-19 following to the couple of doses. 30,000 people have taken part in the vaccination trial process.

In case of these vaccines, two dosages are required for protection. Following to the second dose, immune response may be seen. It is not possible to obtain protection from the vaccine at once. Level of protection may not be 100% either.

What you need to do after COVID vaccine?

People have been following new norm at the moment. It is necessary to wear a mask and encourage others to do so also. Lots of people are asymptomatic and they have been spreading the virus unknowingly. It has been observed that 50% of the transmission is happening as the people do not have the symptom at all.

Therefore, it is possible to carry the virus even after the first dose of the vaccine. As a result, risk of the virus spread may increase if the guidelines from government are not followed properly.

How it is happening?

Since COVID-19 is a respiratory infection. Entry of the infection may happen through the nose. Later on, the virus can multiply themselves within your body. Following to a spread, symptoms may surface.

Following to the creation of anti-body, it may be possible to fight with the virus in better manner. Same thing is noticed with the vaccine also. In case, a virus has entered in your body then it may not leave immediately. It is a thing that must be remembered even after vaccination. As a result, transmission can be seen through cough and sneeze.

How to protect yourself?

Enough information is not available till now what may happen after vaccination. Therefore, it is better to be safe and wear a mask. Social distance should be maintained also. Hands must be sanitized in regular intervals.

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