Why Is It Important Wear Face Mask To Avoid COVID-19?

Entire world has been battling through a difficult situation. A pandemic like COVID-19 has not affected us more than 100 years. Following to a lockdown for several months, some countries have been entering into unlock phase. Therefore, people have to protect themselves more now. So, face masks can be a way to stay safe.

In this pandemic era, face masks has become a symbol. Some people have been using scarves still now to cover their faces and mouth. However, it is always better to wear a face masks instead whether it is a N95 respirator, surgical masks or cloth masks. By government in most of the countries, face masks have been made mandatory while traveling. It has become mandatory to wear a mask in public.

How faces mask can help you to stay safe?

Reports have shown that the countries use face masks religiously has managed to flatter the curve to some extent. Spread of the virus is lesser on such cases also. Therefore, it can be definitely said that face masks have played a huge role in limiting the infection rate.

Most of the Asian countries like Korea have used the face masks from the very beginning. Therefore, it has affected their COVID-19 curve positively. Recently, Western countries such as USA have started to use the mask also.

Symptomatic and Asymptomatic

Research has shown that virus is being spread by the people without symptoms mostly. However, some of them are developing symptoms later on also as they have been in the pre-symptomatic stage during the time. Through the process, virus is transmitted from a person to another. If people stay in close proximity then there are higher chances of attracting the virus. In case, people want to avoid the disease then they must use a face mask whenever they are traveling outside their house.

In case a person is suffering from cold, cough and flu like symptoms then they are also advised to wear a mask. Right now, it is really hard to distinguish between common flue like symptoms and coronavirus. By CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people have been advised to wear mask all the time.

Use Mask as Barrier Basically, mask works as physical barrier between people. As a result, particles of viral and bacterial nature cannot travel easily. If the masks are not worn properly then a person can infect other unknowingly. By touching, coughing and even speaking, germs can be spread. Therefore, face masks must be worn outside.

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