Why COVID 19 surge in India is different this time

More than 1,350 deaths have been reported in India on Friday. It is the highest number since the beginning of pandemic. On the next day, the numbers have jumped to 1500. Till now, one of the silver linings of the second wave of coronavirus pandemic has been lower percentages of deaths than the last year. However, it is disappearing at the moment. Due to rapid increase of the infection rates, more deaths have been seen recently.
Caseload percentages are yet lower in comparison to the last year. However, it cannot be looked as a consolation for the people as almost 2000 deaths are being experienced every day. It is assumed that number of death can be increased up to 3000 a day which has been the record for USA during their worst phase of coronavirus. Indication has not been seen yet about decreasing infection rate.
Coronavirus has been spreading faster than the last time. Positivity rate is also high and rising with every passing day.

Silver Lining is not there anymore

From the middle of February, second wave has begun in India. Even if the death count is in the record high, death rate may be lower than last year. During the peak of coronavirus first wave last September, 90,000 cases are seen every day with the 1200 reported number of deaths. The numbers of cases have reached to almost two lakh now. However, numbers of deaths have decreased.
Maharastra has recorded highest numbers of COVID cases with 60,000 cases a day and death count of 400. The numbers of deaths is definitely lower than peak season at the moment. Death toll has decreased by half almost after a week. Through weekly CPR, current situation of mortality rate can be calculated.

Weekly CPR in Maharastra is about 0.89% whereas overall CPR is about 2.09%. Similar situation may not be seen in all the states. In Chattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, weekly CPR is much higher than overall CPRs as it is witnessing a surge at the moment. It is suggested that overall situation in these states are quite deadly.
Since the July last year, weekly CPR has gone higher than overall CPR for the first time. Reports have suggested that there are about 1.77 lakh death with the total infection in 1.4 crore people. Overall CPR of India at the moment is 1.42%. It is lower than various other countries in the world. In the past one week, 7800 deaths have been reported and 5.13 lakh cases have been detected in the last 14 days. So, weekly CPR is around 1.53%.
In initial weeks of the coronavirus second wave, relatively milder version of the virus has been circulating. However, Indian medical infrastructure has started to crumble as the numbers of cases have started to rise. Some deaths have been seen due lack of hospitalization also.

Faster Infection Spread

So far, 26.6 crore samples have been tested for the coronaviruas. Out of which 1.47 crore cases have been tested positive. So, the positivity rate is around 5.5% at the moment in India. In the last week, positivity rate has increased almost by 13.5%. Coronavirus variant circulating now is causing faster transmission. Therefore, everyone has to tread with caution in order to recover from the situation.

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