Why COVID-19 crisis in Brazil has become threat for the world

Coronavirus pandemic situation is worsening in Brazil at the moment due to a second wave. 70,000 cases are being reported daily with more than 2000 deaths every day.
In the John Hopkins University of Medicine, data has been found that there are about 4,75, 503 new cases with the 11,009 deaths in a week. Both the active number of cases and death rate is quite high in Brazil at the moment. On 10th March, highest number of death in a day has been reported which has been 2,286. By the Reuter, it has been also reported that there are about 80,000 new cases.
So, what is the reason behind sudden rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in Brazil? Can it create a wider impact around the world?

Seriousness of the COVID-19 crisis in Brazil

Last month, there have been about 1,597,789 new cases in Brazil with 36,836 deaths. Till the middle of March, 11.2 million cases have been seen with 2,70,000 deaths. In terms of numbers, Brazil is third highest in the coronavirus cases as it has been placed just after USA and India.
Daily reports of coronavirus cases have been highest at the moment around the world. Same is true for the number of deaths also as it stands just after USA.
From the month of January, surge in the coronavirus cases have been seen in Brazil. Soon, health system of the country is expected to collapse. 90% ICU are filled in the hospitals.

What can be the implication of Brazil COVID crisis?

According to epidemiologist, Brazil is expected to become an open air laboratory with the virus if number of the cases cannot be decreased and spread of the virus cannot be stopped. Due to this uncontrolled nature of the outbreak and growing immunity can result in creation of far more harmful strain of coronavirus.
Jesem Orellana of Amazonia who is an epidemiologist has said that Brazil can be looked as a treat for the humanity. He has said “The fight against Covid-19 was lost in 2020 and there is not the slightest chance of reversing this tragic circumstance in the first half of 2021. The best we can do is hope for the miracle of mass vaccination or a radical change in the management of the pandemic. Today, Brazil is a threat to humanity and an open-air laboratory where impunity in management seems to be the rule”.

Scientists believe if the situation cannot be brought within control then Brazil has the potential to become breeding for the mutant strains of diverse nature that may be spread to other nations also.
On the occasion, a ray of hope is brought by the vaccines. Pfizer-BioNTech is found to be effective against P1 strain that is prevalent in Brazil at the moment. Pfizer vaccine has been approved by the Brazil government recently also. Now, it is necessary for Brazil to procure as much vaccine as possible and vaccinate people quickly.

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