What should you remember before taking the second shot?

Process of vaccination has started in several countries. Lots of people have received the first shot of coronavirus already. Now, it is important to receive the second shot of the vaccine also. For full immunization, it is essential to administer two shots. Promised rate of efficacy can be obtained as a result.

Importance of Second Dose

Following to the first shot, some symptoms and side effects may be experienced. Few things must be remembered before taking the vaccine.

Strong Side-Effects

In case a side-effect is not experienced following to the first shot of vaccine then you are definitely lucky. It is quite natural to experience mild-effect after the vaccine. Sometimes, side effects can be a little stronger also.
However, deadlier side effects can be noticed after the second shot of the vaccine. It is possible to experience effects like fever, chills, exhaustion and fatigue. Most of these side-effects can be dealt easily. These side effects may establish the fact that immune response is being generated by the body.
In addition to above side-effects, headaches, joint pain and muscle pain can be experienced also. It is better not to schedule anything two days after vaccination. If something is scheduled right after the vaccination then it is quite natural to feel more stress.

Do not use pain killers before the dose

Debate can be seen on the use of pain killers before and after administering a shot of COVID-19 vaccine. Side effects can be numbed with the painkillers definitely. However, it may become harmful in the longer run.
Hearing about severe side effects of vaccine, it is quite to have a desire to pop a pill. However, it is certainly not an ideal thing to do. Pain killers should be taken only if doctors have advised to do so.
Clear evidence has not found out yet whether one can rely on painkillers before and after coronavirus vaccination shot. In case the pain killer is taken as a preemptive measure then efficacy of the vaccine may be lost.
According to CDC, light medication can be taken after vaccination such as non-inflammatory medication. If the person is used to consume anti-couagulant medication or suffers due to serious disease then it may become essential to take advice from doctors.
In case, a person is not comfortable to take medication before and after the natural home remedies can be tried.


Two doses of coronavirus have to be administered with a gap of 4 weeks to 6 weeks. Medical professional are doing their best to make the shot available to others. However, personal endeavor is also necessary. It is important to note the date. If there is any allergic or severe reaction after the dose then it should be kept in the mind as well.
If there is severe reaction after the vaccination then it is better to wait for some more time after second jab. Doctors must be consulted here. Lesser immune response can be noticed after the second dose.

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