Wear a mask and save each other’s life

By wearing mask consistently and washing hands in addition to physical distancing, chances of COVID-19 spread can be limited within the community. Lots of lives can be saved at the same time. Through mask, you can show your commitment for the well being of the society. People near you can be safeguarded in the process certainly.

In case, there is an elderly person in the home then it is better to wear a mask in front of them also as they are more susceptible to the virus. If you are going out of the house in public then it is absolutely necessary to wear the mask. Protection can be offered to each other through the use of mask. Mask ensures that not only you but your surrounding is also safe. Through mask, a visual signal can be sent that you are aware about the significance of physical distancing. In addition, you must follow the health rules appropriately also.

Face mask reduces the virus spread

Respiratory droplets are the major reasons behind the spread of virus. Face mask reduces the chances of virus entering in the air. Through inhalation, virus may enter in your body. Infected person may have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. Therefore, it can be mistaken with normal viral flu or allergies. Through infected person’s talk, cough or sneeze, virus can be spread. If you wear a mask then virus can be trapped within the fiber of the mask fabric. In addition to face mask, if someone follows the rules of physical distancing and hand washing frequently then unknowingly spread of virus can be avoided.

When should you wear a face mask?

Face mask must be worn whenever you go out of the house. It is essential to wear a mask when you stay in contact with another person for considerable amount of time. It is hard to know when you may have to talk to somebody on the streets. Maintaining a distance of six feet with another person may seem easy in your thought. However, it may not be possible in reality.

Which is the Best Mask for you?

Quality of the face mask definitely counts. It is better to go with a cotton mask as it is more comfortable to wear for longer amount of time. However, there are N-95 masks also which is generally advised for the frontline workers. In addition, you must wear a mask properly also. The mask must cover both your nose and mouth. It must not slip away from your chin at the same time. The mask must stay in its place perfectly whether it is tied like a string or elastic band around the ears. In case, mask is required to adjust constantly then it is considered to be unsafe. If you touch your face and mask constantly to keep the mask in its places then your hands can become contaminated without your knowledge. You must not touch your face, eyes or nose at all while in the mask.

Double layered cotton mask may able to catch the droplets. Therefore, there is no need to look for thicker masks. Disposable mask can be considered also. If you are wearing a reusable mask then must be washed daily after use.

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