Virus still growing exponentially – says WHO

Most of the people are curious to know whether the lockdown days are over or not. Britain has to go through one of the strictest lockdown due to massive surge of coronavirus within the country along with the presence of new variant. Recently, lockdown has been removed. Therefore, people have been rejoicing in Britain at the moment. Friends and family members have reunited once again in restaurants and outdoor cafes. However, coronavirus is still going strong in various other places of the world
Here is the global statistics.

Total infection globally: 136,056,956
Total Death globally: 2,936,768
As far as nations are concerned, USA is still leading with the total number of cases at 31,197,872. India is in the second spot with 13,7527,717 cases and Brazil is next with 13,482,023 cases.

Can antibody capable enough to give protection against COVID-19?

Drug maker Regeneron has developed an antibody cocktail to offer protection against the coronavirus. It is expected to be helpful if a person is living with a coronavirus positive person. During the clinical trial, effectiveness of the drug has been seen. If the drug manages to get authorization then another layer may be added to defend against the coronavirus. It is expected to be helpful if a person is not vaccinated also. However, evidences have suggested that the drug can only prevent worst effect of the COVID-19. People may not become sick as a result.

COVID pandemic is still growing exponentially, says WHO

World Health Organization is still not very happy. Till now, about 700 million doses have been administered already across the world. As a result, little bit of complacency, confusion and confusion can be seen in the global healthcare system. Last week, 4.4 million cases have been reported. For about seven straight weeks, numbers of coronavirus cases have been increasing. Therefore, Chief Tedros has said “The pandemic is a long way from over. But we have many reasons for optimism. The decline in cases and deaths during the first two months of the year shows that this virus and its variants can be stopped”

Healthcare workers in Africa has not received coronavirus jab yet and supplies are dwindling

In Africa, only 2% people have been vaccinated. Due to lack of supplies, healthcare service providers and frontline workers have not managed to receive vaccine yet. Just about 1.3 million doses have been allotted to African continent so far. Some of the African countries may able to immunize their healthcare workers in the coming days. In order to vaccinate the general people, it may take years. Therefore, millions of people will stay vulnerable with the fears of third wave looming over them.

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