Vaccine War is on in Europe

Just after few days of vaccination, center in Berlin, Germany has to close its doors due to lack of vaccines in the storage. In the city of Mainz which is merely 321 miles from Berlin, a tall glass building stands with the sign board of BioNTech on it.
In this location, headquarter of the company is placed where the research of COVID-19 vaccine has been done. However, there is not any stock of the vaccine in the Berlin center. Same thing can be observed with various other centers in Germany as well.
However, Germany many not be the only country in Europe that has been suffering from dearth of vaccine.

Fiasco in Europe

If vaccination campaign in Europe is a disaster even then it can be called an understatement. Things have gone terribly wrong there. On the other hand, Israel has managed to vaccinate one third of its citizen completely. On the other hand, 7.4 million is vaccinated in England and million people are being vaccinated in USA daily while European Union is far behind them.
So, what is the reason behind it?
European Union has decided to purchase vaccine through one body due to financial benefit and solidarity. Every country has not been given power to purchase vaccine on their own. Consumer power of EU is about 450 million. Therefore, the leaders have been looking for a better deal from the manufacturers.
Due to solidarity, it has been said that every country is going to receive the same deal whether it is rich Germany or Greece. Vaccination is going to start from same day as well.

As a unified body is handling the job, therefore things have been happening quite slowly also. Bureaucracy is the reason behind wastage of valuable time.
Poor judgment on the situation has been seen. It has been assumed by EU that other companies are going to approach then with the vaccine. However, things have not turned out as expected and it has been a surprise.
600 million vaccines have been bought by USA from Pfizer-BioNTech in the month of July whereas EU has made the deal only in November. However, dosages of vaccine are also half than USA.
Now, everything is in a bad situation.
As a result, countries in European Union have forgotten about solidarity. Germany has bought about 30 million of additional vaccines to start the vaccination drive. Hungary has also bought 2 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine from Russia. Denmark and France have been using the left over vaccines from the countries that have not been using the full quota.
So, rich countries have managed to obtain more vaccines in Europe and not abiding by the rules anymore.

Vaccine War

Later on mid January, a delay in Pfizer vaccine is announced. Several countries of EU have referred it as unacceptable and sent letters to European Commission. AstraZeneca has informed the EU as well that they have been reducing the vaccine quantity by 60% due to issues in the Belgium factory. Therefore, only 31 millions are going to be delivered only. Both the announcements have been great shock to EU.
As a result, EU has threatened the vaccine makers for the violation of contract. AstraZeneca has said that they are obliged to deliver vaccine first to UK due to the early deal. Vaccines are going to be delivered on first come first serve basis. Deal with EU has been made much later.
On the occasion, EU has asked to shift vaccine from UK factory of AstraZeneca to deal with the lost doses. Showing its power UK as said that it may be a good will gesture to offer the vaccine to EU. However, they need to vaccinate their citizens first.
Post this remark from Britain, EU has threatened to stop the export of Pfizer vaccine from Europe as well.

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