Using a double mask is more important now

Both protection level and fitting can be improved by wearing double mask. Cases of coronavirus have been decreasing at the moment. Therefore, lots of people have started to use a single mask whenever they go out of the house. However, double masking is really important even now. Delta variant of coronavirus is highly infectious and it is still spreading as the city of Mumbai is being unlocked in stages. Right now, only 10% of the population in the city has been fully vaccinated only.

Through talking, sneezing, coughing and breathing, tiny droplets can be released in the air. Due to use of the mask, these droplets can be trapped within the fiber layer. Both the wearer of the mask and a person in contact can be protected in the process. Droplets may not be suspended into the air. Direct splashing may not be seen as you interact with someone also. However, type of the mask and its fitting may play important role here.
In the journal named Physics of Fluid, a study has been published by IIT Bhubhaneshwar that combination of two masks adds a protective layer. In addition, chances of a droplet leakage can be lessened too. Due to such leakage, chances of COVID-19 airborne transmission may increase. By using mannequins, breathing stimulation has been done for the purpose of study. Using water and glycerin, fog is created to view droplets.

During analysis, diverse kinds of masks have been utilized. Through the research, it has been found that a combination of cloth mask and N95 is the best choice to stay safe. In case of a combination of surgical-N95 mask and surgical-cotton mask, leakage may be minimized. However, you may have to do more effort to breathe properly.
According to the study published by IIT Bombay in October, 2020, if a COVID-19 infected person coughs then a large volume of air can be contaminated. If the person wears a surgical mask then the cough cloud can be smaller by 7 times. In case of N95 mask, cough cloud can be reduced by 23 times. In the study, it has been stated “With an additional mask, one can further reduce the contamination”
In various places, the offices have started to open. Therefore, it has become essential to go for double masking in the closed environment. Chances of infection can be reduced in the process. Medical professionals have also recommended the double mask method to avoid the potential chances of a third wave. Possibility of a full lockdown can be eliminated too.

Dr. Rahul Pandit, a member of Maharashtra COVID-19 task force and also an intensive care specialist has said “One mask does not seal the area around the nose and mouth properly. It is the second mask that helps seal the mask underneath. Also, when the mask inside becomes moist due to sweat, the outer mask continues to offer some protection”

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