Use of coronavirus vaccine is safe if you are using blood thinner according to ICMR

More than 1.43 crore people have been vaccinated for COVID- 19 in India so far. Till now, 67, 32, 944 people have received the first dose of the vaccine while the second dose has been administered in 26, 85,665 healthcare workers.
Over the 60 years, there are expected to be 4, 34, 981 beneficiaries while there about 60, 020 people above the age 45 with co-morbidity according to the health ministry.

By the Health Ministry, it has been said that 50 lakh registrations have been made on the first day of second phase of vaccination. On the occasion, CoWin app is utilized for the vaccination.
During the press conference, Director General of ICMR Balram Bhargava has said that vaccines available in India are safe to be used with the blood thinners. Bhargava has also said “People on blood thinners can take either of the vaccines without any problem. There are some precautions to be followed which are routine and simple.” Later on, V.K Paul from NITI Aayog has added that it is important to administer second dose of vaccine. He has said “Only after you take the second dose the COVID vaccination is complete.”

Recently, an increase in the COVID cases has been seen in Maharastra, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Kerala. Experts have been trying to understand the reason behind the surge in the last two weeks. Dr. Paul has said “Public compliance for COVID appropriate behaviour cannot be diluted. Please avoid large gatherings, parties, weddings etc. These could be super spreading events”
Empowered Group Chairman R.S Sharma has said that upgraded CoWIN system has been providing a lot of flexibility in the vaccination process. He has said further, “The upgraded system is ready to take on the large volume of beneficiaries that we are expecting in the second phase. It is also geared to ensure the data security and offer best safety measures against any cyber attacks.”

In the upgraded version of CoWIN, beneficiaries will be allowed to register four people from a single phone number. It is possible to take vaccine in your preferred location within India as well. It is also possible to get vaccine over the scheduled shot of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Mr. Bhushan has added later on, “The system takes away the need to be vaccinated in this time line and can accommodate as per the need and capacity of the particular state”

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