USA requires better masks to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Anthony Fauci, medical officer of USA President Joe Biden has not focused on the use of N95 masks for common people. According to Fauci, it is better to put on a mask instead of wearing nothing at all. It has been said that folded cloth on the nose and mouth may able to do the job effectively. However, one year has passed since the pandemic has started. Therefore, some of the experts believe that USA requires better masks to deal with the pandemic effectively. It is being advocated from the beginning of last spring.

New variant of COVID-19 can be transmitted more easily. It is certainly one of the reasons behind recommending a better mask for common people. Chances of infection are limited and there may not be a transmission of COVID-19 if proper distance is maintained while wearing the mask.  Protection from cloth mask is usually light in case of new variant of coronavirus. Therefore, it has become essential to take precautions. Through both aerosol and droplets, transmission of the virus can happen. It is possible for N95 mask to trap the electrostatic charges of the aerosol easily.

Infectious Diseases Society of America says that better protection is required for general public. Contribution from the aerosol is the main reason as the aerosol can stay in the air for longer amount of time. It can also travel more than 6 feet. Therefore, virus can be spread easily.

Previously, experts have believed that they are aware how the virus acts. Spread happens through droplets largely. However, aerosol has its part to play also. Now, we have come to know that emission of aerosol happens with the virus load when a person sings or plays trumpet.

Till now, we are not aware about the virus spent extent from the small particles due to contact tracing on state and national level. Transmission dynamics must be understood properly to avoid the virus. Spread of the virus spread through droplets can be noticed between 6 feet to 15 feet with small particles.

People are being infected even now. However, they are not aware how the virus has entered into their body. Chances of infection can be limited certainly by wearing a cloth mask or surgical mask. However, it offers a little protection only. Source control is not possible in the process at all as the virus can be transmitted from a person to another without any symptoms at all sometimes. Dr. Walensky from CDC has said that mask and social distancing can limit the spread of virus. If you can wear a mask constantly then it can safeguard you from the virus naturally. If the mask comes with more protective measures then security level may be heightened.

In case cloth mask or surgical masks doubled up even then more protection can be offered.  It may not offer a filtration equals to a N95 masks. In terms of protection, N95 masks are the best among the available options in the market.

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