US regulators list a rare neurological disorder as possible risk with J&J COVID-19 vaccine

Recently, US regulators have flagged Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine for a link to a dangerous and rare neurological reaction. However, it cannot be told clearly that the vaccine is creating the problem solely.

Guillain Barre Syndrome

Warning against the J&J COVID-19 has been issued by the Food and Drug Administration. It has been said that the vaccine may cause Guilain Barre Syndrome. It is a rare immune system disorder that creates muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis as well. By the health officials, side effects are described as a small potential risk following to the shot.

Following to the reports from 100 people about developing the rare syndrome, FDA has taken the action. It has been said that the side-effects have been seen after taking the J&J one shot vaccine. Most of these people have been hospitalized. One of them has died as well.

By FDA, it has been said that Gullian Barre Syndrome is seen when the immune system starts to attach some of its own nerve cells. As a result, weakness in the muscle can be seen. In some cases, it may lead to paralysis as well. It is generally a temporary symptom. According to CDC, the syndrome has been seen in 3000 to 6000 people every year.

Small Number of Cases

In America, 13 million people have been vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Comparison to the total number of cases, issues is seen with the tiny number of cases only. Most of the cases are seen among men above the age of 50. Symptoms have been observed after two weeks of vaccination.

In a statement, J&J have said that they have been discussing about the issue with the regulators. CDC may request others than vaccine experts to look into the issue also. Most used vaccine in USA has been Pfizer and Moderna. Both the vaccines have not caused any disorder after being administered in more than 320 million people.

New Warning

Through a pamphlet, the warning will be given to the people that are being administered J&J shot of coronavirus vaccine. It has been asked to take medical help if there is any symptom. On the occasion, a person can experience double vision, trouble in walking or tingling sensation.

Broad protection is generally offered by the vaccine. However, it may come with few risks or side-effects also which can be noticed with any other medical and drug therapies. Three vaccines used by USA have been trialed upon ten thousands of people. In spite of huge trial, rare side-effect can be observed sometime.

Both FDA and CDC have been studying the side effects that have been reported by physicians, patients and drug makers

throughout the country

Flu, Cytomegalovirus and Zika virus can also trigger the Guillain Barre Syndrome also. However, it may be rare to see that side effects are developed weeks after the vaccination.

Due to one-shot nature and easy to refrigerate attribute of the J&J vaccine, it has been highly recommended initially. However, reports of blood clot and rare risks, the company is not producing as much vaccines as it has been estimated earlier.

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