US approves and endorses Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use

By the advisory panel of U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID-19 vaccine shot from Johnson & Johnson has been approved unanimously. In the coming days, it is expected to be used all over the country. According to the officials, shipment of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is expected to be started soon.
Final clearance is given to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine just a day after it has been approved by US regulatory authority. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has voted the vaccine by 12-0. From the brand Johnson & Johnson, it has been said that the vaccine can be administered to the Americans that are aged over 18. Due to conflict of interest, one of the members from the advisory committee has not been allowed to vote.

Through a statement, Chief Scientific Officer from Johnson & Johnson named Paul Stoffels has said “We believe today’s recommendation from the CDC to begin use of our vaccine as part of the U.S. national immunization program will add a critical tool in the fight against COVID-19.”
Both local and state health authorities are going to administer the Johnson & Johnson vaccine according to the guidelines of CDC and FDA to 3.9 million people. McKesson Corp has taken the responsibility to ship the vaccine.
According to the officials, rate of vaccination among the minorities is rather low than expected. Therefore, measures have been put into place for more vaccination among this particular section of people. Distribution of the vaccination is going to be monitored by the officials closely. Every state is expected to receive equal amount of vaccine.

By the officials, it is being requested to get the vaccine as soon as it is made available for them. Safeguards have been placed for Black and Brown American as discrimination has been seen in the past. Time plays an important role on the occasion. Through vaccination in correct time, lots of lives can be saved. States are being guided to manage the scarcity of shots.
Yet, there has not been a study yet that compares Johnson & Johnson vaccine with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine. However, all these vaccines are expected to be highly effective in limiting the number of deaths and hospitalizations.
Based on the new messenger RNA technology, both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are created. During the trials, high amount of efficacy has been noticed. However, Pfizer and Moderna is coronavirus vaccine that comes with two doses. In case of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, only one shot may be required. Goal of Johnson & Johnson vaccine may have been a little different as the trials have been organized at a time when new and more dangerous variant of coronavirus have been circulating.

Still, it is not clear whether a preexisting condition can reduce the efficacy of the vaccine or not.
Johnson & Johnson vaccine is easily available in USA now. Issue with the storage may not be seen as it can be kept easily in the refrigerator. Requirement of high end freezer is not felt to store the vaccine.

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