UK lifts Coronavirus Lockdown and Face Masks become a ‘personal choice’

Face masks are used as a layer of protection against the coronavirus. However, it is not going to be mandatory in UK hereon. Face mask will become a personal choice following to the complete lift of the lockdown. From the end of the month, UK is going to lift the lockdown. Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has said personal responsibility is going to become important now as the lockdown restrictions are lifted. From 19th July, there will be no lockdown restrictions in UK. According to the reports, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been preparing to announce about the end of compulsory face mask era. Some more measures may be taken later on also.

Jenrick has also said to BBC “It does look as if thanks to the success of the vaccine programme that we now have the scope to roll back those restrictions and return to a normality as far as possible. We now have to move into a different period where we learn to live with the virus, we take precautions and we as individuals take personal responsibility.”
On asked about the requirement of wearing a face mask, he has said clearly “I can’t make that commitment this morning because the Prime Minister will make an announcement in the coming days it does look if the data is in the right place.” During an interview with the Sky News, he has said “We don’t want them to stay in place for a day longer than is necessary. We are going to now move into a period where there won’t be legal restrictions the state won’t be telling you what to do but you will want to exercise a degree of personal responsibility and judgement.”
British Medical Association has advised to the government for retaining some of the lockdown measures like use of face mask within an enclosed place even after uplifting of restriction from 19th July.

Numbers of coronavirus cases with delta variant are on the rise now. It is a variant that is capable of rapid transmission. Chances of transmission may be enhanced further if people start to mix with each other without any restrictions at all. Therefore, it may not be an ideal decision to remove coronavirus restrictions completely in a span of two weeks. However, it is almost certain that British Government is keen to remove the restriction measure with the so called Freedom Day.
Regarding rules of social distancing and domestic Covid-19 passport proposal, our source has said “We believe it is now time for the public to start learning to live with Covid, it quoted a Downing Street source as saying. All the data and scientific modelling suggests that the lifting of restrictions will lead to a rise in cases but with the continued success of the vaccine rollout and the break in the link between hospitalisations and deaths we are confident there will be no risk of it putting significant additional pressure on the NHS”

In an excess of 33 million people have already taken second dose of coronavirus in UK where 85% have taken the first dose. It is believed that complete vaccination of the population can end the coronavirus pandemic only

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