Types of Face Masks

Face masks are considered to be a preventive measure during this COVID-19 pandemic all over the world. In addition, you must maintain a social distance and wash your hand properly at regular intervals. Spread of the virus can be reduced in the process.

In the beginning of pandemic, face masks have not been made mandatory by some of the countries. However, experts have been recommending it now to stop the spread of the virus and flatten the curve. Before the appearance of the symptoms, it can be transmitted easily. Therefore, it has advised to wear a mask to avoid such cases.

Now, there are various types of face masks available in the market. In order to use it properly, you must know use of each type adequately.

Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are often referred to as medical mask. It is a disposable mask that is loosely fitted to protect the wearer from bacterial or viral droplets, sprays and splashes. If large particles of bacteria or virus are in the air then protection can be offered also.

From the wearer, others can be protected also as it reduces contact with the respiratory secretions and saliva. Surgical masks can be utilized as a protective gear against Coronavirus if there is unavailability of N-95 masks in the hospitals and clinics.

N95 Masks

In case of N95 mask, you may find that a respirator has been attached to it. More protection than surgical mask can be offered with the N95 mask. Both large and small particles can be screened while breathing. It is possible to block about 95% of the small particles on the occasion. Some time, valves can be observed with the N95 mask that helps breathe easily. However, released air during exhaling may not be filtered.

Training must be given to the healthcare professionals to use the N95 mask properly. Disposable of the N95 mask is recommended. However, Experts have been trying to find ways to reuse it.

Even in case of some cloth masks, one-way valves can be observed that helps to breathe through.

Cloth Masks

Due to limited supply of surgical masks and N95 masks, it has been reserved for the healthcare professionals in most of the countries. For the people, it has been advised to use cloth masks that can be found and reused easily. Even wearing cloth masks with layers, spread of the disease can be reduced. By using the masks, most of the countries have been trying to limit the spread as much as possible.

Cloth masks can be purchased at a cheaper price. Sheets and cotton woven tightly can be used to create a mask with multiple layers. Material like cotton may help to breathe. Moisture control can be done in better manner also.

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