Two doses of COVID vaccination is a must; so don’t make the mistake of not taking the second one

In India, vaccination drive has been started from 16th January. Through video conference, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the drive for millions of people. Indian Government has been relying on the vaccines with two doses. During the launch, PM Modi has also said that one should not ignore the second dose of the vaccine. Guidelines from the experts must be followed on the occasion

According to the experts, minimum two weeks gap must be retained between two dosages of vaccine. In this way, it may become possible to develop immunity against the coronavirus. Post first dose of the vaccine, people should maintain hand hygiene, social distance and wear a mask in the public area. Patience is the key to the success on the occasion.
For the vaccination drive to start, people from all over the world have been waiting eagerly. Now, process of vaccination has started. India has been conducting one of the biggest vaccination drives in the world.

Couple of vaccines is being used by India now. One of the vaccines is made by Serum Institute, Pune in collaboration with the Oxford University and Astra Zeneca and it has been named Covishield. There is also Covaxin which is made by Bharat Biotech. In case of Covaxin, third phase of the trial has not been completed. Therefore, some people are little weary of taking the vaccine. On the other hand, Covishield has successfully completed the third phase of trial with very few side effects.

In history, such a massive vaccination drive has not been organized ever. Based on the data, it can be said that about 3 crore people are expected to be vaccinated in this phase. Mostly frontline workers such as doctors, nurses and hospital staff will be given the vaccine in the first phase. Population over 30 crores can be seen only in the countries like India, China and America. Indian Government has been thinking of vaccinating 30 crore people in the second phase where elderly people over 50 years and people with co-morbidity will be included also. Therefore, process of vaccination in India is going to be huge. Both strength and capability of India may be tested on the occasion.

Credibility of Indian vaccine is proved all over the world. In the past, children have been vaccinated with the home grown vaccines. Therefore, same is expected to be seen with the home grown vaccine for Coronavirus also. In terms of price, Indian vaccines are cheaper in comparison to the foreign vaccines. Easy usability of the vaccine may play an important role on the occasion also.

Like any other country in the world, India has been fighting also against the coronavirus and hope to see success with the vaccine in the near future.

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