Triple Mutant Variant is found in India and it increases worries in the midst of COVID-19 second wave

Over three lakh of daily coronavirus cases are seen daily now with the death count of 2000 in mere 24 hours. It is the highest number since the pandemic has started to roll out in India. Due to a new mutation of coronavirus, new challenges are experienced.
Following to the double mutant of coronavirus, a triple mutation has arrived now. It is expected to contain three strains of coronavirus. New strain has been detected in various parts of India.

In the places like Maharashtra, Delhi and West Bengal, cases with the triple mutation of coronavirus can be seen. According to the scientists, numbers of coronavirus cases have increased due to this new mutant.
Epidemiology professor Madhukar Pai from McGill University has said “This is a more transmissible variant. It is making lots of people sick very quickly”. Later on, it has been added “We have to keep tweaking vaccines. For that we need to understand the disease. But we need sequencing on war footing.”
Therefore, a huge challenge is ahead of India at the moment. Genome sequencing percentage in India is less than one percent. Due to delay in detection in case of double mutant or triple mutant, the virus may able to spread at faster rate.

Why there is a Mutation?

As the virus spreads, it starts to replicate. For this reason mutation of the virus can be seen mostly.

What is Triple Mutation?

Previously found double mutant version of coronavirus in India has been consisted of two strains. Now, three variants have combined together to create the triple mutation.

Location of Triple Mutation

So far, coronavirus cases with Triple mutation have been seen in Delhi, Mumbai and West Bengal.

Infectivity Rate of Triple Mutation

According to the experts, increase in number of fresh cases may have been caused due to these mutations of coronavirus. It has been observed in other parts of the world as well.
To know whether the triple mutation of coronavirus is more infectious or not, more studies are required. In India, 10 labs are doing genome sequencing at the moment. Double mutant has definitely contributed to the increase in the number of cases. It is even affecting the children which have not seen with the first wave of coronavirus. Pathogenicity is more severe.

Will the vaccine be affected against the Triple Mutation?

Two variants among three located in the Triple Mutation of Coronavirus has managed to escape the immune response which means it is more resistant against antibodies. Lots of knowledge regarding the Triple Mutation is not available till now. Scientists think that the new variant can even escape the natural immunity towards the COVID-19 also.

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