Treatment guidelines issued by AIIMS for COVID- 19 cases

All India Institute of Medical Sciences based in New Delhi has issued new guidelines for the treatment of coronavirus that are being observed among the adult patients mostly. According to the seriousness of the disease, treatment is suggested. There are basically mild cases, moderate cases and severe cases.

Mild COVID-19 Treatment

How to Identify: Mild cases are considered when there is an upper respiratory tract symptoms with mild fever. They should not experience any shortage of breath.

Recommendation: Home Isolation and proper care

What to do:
Physical Distancing should be maintained with hand hygiene and mask usage indoors
Hydration, antipyretics, multivitamins and antitussive should be offered
Keep touch with the physician.
Temperature and oxygen level should be monitored

Look for help if:

Breathing Difficulty
High fever with severe cough that is continuing for more than few days

May Use:

Tab Ivermectin (200mcg/kg) for at least 3 days. Pregnant or lactating woman should avoid it.
Tab HCQ (400 mg BD a day f/b 400mg OD for 4 days) if not contraindicated
Inhalational Budesonide (Dry Powder Inhaler) at 800mcg BD if symptoms persisted more than 5 days after disease onset.

Moderate COVID-19 Treatment

How to Identify: If the respiratory rate is excess of 24/ min or experiencing breathlessness and Sp02 is about 90%.

Recommendation: Admit in a hospital

What to do:
Oxygen Support
Anti-inflammatory or immunomodulatory therapy
Methylpredinisolone Injection with the strength of 0.5 to 1mg that is divided in two doses for about 5-10 days
Oral route can be taken if the patient is stable
Breathing, oxygen level and Hemodynamic instability should be monitored
HRCT Chest scan can be done if the condition is worsening
D-dimer and CRP should be done between 48 to 72 hours

Severe Disease Treatment

How to Identify: Breathless, SpO2 and respiratory rate issue for more than 30 minutes
Recommendation: Admit to the ICU

What to do:

Respiratory Support: NIV can be used by the patient in order to supply the oxygen constantly in case of low breathing. HFNC can be utilized too. Intubation can be done if required also.
Ant-iInflammatory therapy
Antocoagulation: Prophylactic unfractionated heparin intermediate dose can be given. Heparin in low molecular rate can be utilized also.
HRCT chest scan and Serial CXR can be done if the condition worsens.
By following the above guidelines for COVID-19, you may able to recover from the coronavirus.

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