Third wave of COVID-19 is like to hit India by the end of August; peak may be seen in October

Yet another rise in the cases of COVID-19 may be seen by India in the month of August. In the peak of third wave, 100,000 cases may be seen. If the situation worsens then the numbers may go up to 150,000 cases. According to a research by Manindra Agarwal and Mathukumalii Vidyasagar from IIT Hyderabad and Kanpur that has been cited by Bloomberg, surge in the cases of coronavirus may lead to third wave of coronavirus pandemic in the country. In an email to Bloomberg, Vidyasagar has stated that states with high number of cases like Kerala and Maharashtra may show the path.

Unlike the second wave, the third wave may not be brutal. During the second wave, 400,000 cases have been seen every day. Based on the mathematical model, forecast has been made by the experts. Regarding lessening of COVID-19 surge after the second wave, they have been quite accurate as well.

Based on the Mathematical model Vidyasagar, a professor from IIT Hyderabad has said in the month of May that pandemic outbreak may increase in the coming days. He has said “Our predictions are that the peak will come within a few days. As per current projections, we should hit 20,000 cases per day by the end of June. We will revise this as needed.”

However, team of Vidyasagar has predicted earlier in April that outbreak may peak from the middle of July and it has not been proved right. Posting on Twitter, Vidyasagar has said on the occasion that the result has been incorrect due to use of wrong parameters. It is said “the pandemic was changing rapidly, even wildly, until about a week ago.”

Talking to Reuters, Vidyasagar has said that the peak may be seen in between May 3rd and May 5th. It has been clearly said that the peak is going to come on 7th May.

On Sunday, 41,831 cases of COVID-19 and 541 deaths have been reported. 10 states such as Maharashtra, Kerala and northeastern region have been cautioned as infection rate has been increasing in these states. It has been advised to these states to take steps in order to curb the coronavirus spread.

Warning has been issued by the experts that COVID-19 delta variant can spread easily similar to the chickenpox. It can easily infect the vaccinated person also. Due to this reason, a surge in the coronavirus cases can be seen in the coming days. Indian Sars- CoV-2 Genomic Consortium has expressed through data that 8 of the 10 cases with coronavirus has been happening because of delta variant that is highly infectious during the month of May, June and July.

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