Third wave of COVID-19 is expected to hit India by August end, not going to be severe than second wave – says ICMR

According to the experts, third wave of COVID-19 may start in India from the end of August. However, it may not be as severe like the second one. Dr. Samiran Panda, head of epidemiology and infectious disease of ICMR has said “There would be a nationwide third wave but that does not mean that it would be as high or as intense as the second wave”
On the occasion, Dr. Samiran Panda has told everyone that there are four things that can be the reason for the third wave. Drop in the immunity level can be seen among the people that have suffered from coronavirus in the first and second wave of pandemic. It is said, “If that goes down, it could lead to a third wave.”

Panda has also explained that the new variant of coronavirus may able to pass the acquired immunity that has been obtained through the vaccine. The new variant may able to circulate faster at the same time among the population. Due to loosening of COVID-19 restriction, third wave of coronavirus pandemic may arrive also.
Panda has told to the media, “I’m not expecting any more public health havoc from the Delta variant”. In India, Delta variant of COVID-19 has caused a lot of trouble during the second wave. In addition to the Delta variant, another Delta Plus variant is circulating at the moment also.

Comment has been made by Panda as few days back in response to the director of AIIMS Dr. Randeep Guleria. Dr. Guleria has said earlier that warning about a possible third wave should be taken serious. It should not be looked as a mere weather report. Immunity level of people may be challenged. It is also possible that a more transmissible variant will emerge. If the lockdown is relaxed by the government completely then problem may be increased further.
Dr. Guleria has said that several studies have indicated that different scenario may be observed with the third wave trajectory. He has said “One such model from an IIT shows that if all restrictions are lifted and if a virus (variant) is also able to escape immunity then the next wave can be bigger than the second wave. If some restrictions are kept and the virus also remains stable then cases will not be much and if we keep more restrictions then cases will further reduce”

By Indian Medical Association, it has been said also that third wave of coronavirus is ‘inevitable and imminent’. State government has been advised to not to allow huge gatherings as it can become the ‘super spreader’. IMA has also said “However, it is painful to note that in this crucial time, when everyone needs to work for the mitigation of the third wave, in many parts of the country, both governments and the public are complacent and engaged in mass gatherings without following Covid protocols”

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