Things to know about face masks with Asthma

Some of the countries have relaxed the lockdown rules. Therefore, it has become essential to go back to the work. However, protective measures must be taken on the occasion. Face masks have become one of the tools of protection in everyday life. However, you may be worried to wear a face mask with asthma.

Should You Use Face Masks with Asthma

By WHO and CDC, it has been recommended to wear a face mask in the public. If it is not possible to maintain a safe distance with another person then you must wear a face mask. It is better to go with a face that enables you to walk freely and swiftly.

For children under the age of 2 and severe breathing issues, it may not be a good option to wear a mask. Discomfort may be felt while wearing the mask. However, if you are suffering from a mild asthma then problems may not be faced with the masks. It is important to keep your asthma in check with medicine during the time.

In case you are having breathing issue to wear a face mask, it is better to go with a breathable fabric like cotton.

Types of Face Masks to wear

Face masks must be bought that is made of 100% cotton fabric. Materials like quilt or knitted t-shirt must be avoided at any cost. Three layered masks have been recommended by WHO. Outer layer of the mask must be water proof. So, a material like polyester can be utilized. For the middle layer, non-woven fabric must be used. Inner layer should be made of 100% cotton always.

Different types of styles and fabrics are available in the market. Sometimes, homemade face masks are effective also to offer light covering. Through a three layered masks, face can be blocked lightly. However, you may able to breathe properly in such situations also.

In case you have an allergy with latex then you have to try the elastic ear loops with caution. It is better to use an ear loop that can be tied on the head.

How to stay safe if you cannot wear face mask

  • Try to be at home as much as possible
  • Take help from others to run the errands
  • In public, you must maintain a safe distance
  • Do not contact any sick people
  • Wash your hands after contact with others
  • Do not travel unless it is necessary

Disinfect your home, car and used items often

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