Things to consider before picking a mask

Coronavirus has obliged people to wash hands, wear mask and also maintain a physical distance in order to stay safe from COVID-19. However, you may question on the occasion which mask you should pick for yourself. Material of the mask may play an important role. However, you must keep in mind about the activities that you may do after wearing the mask.

In case you have decided to do some exercise or play some sports then it is better to look for a mask with stretchable and comfortable fabric such as polyester and spandex. These materials help to soak the sweat easily during a physical activity of intense nature.

If you like breath comfortably after wearing the mask then it is better to go with a cotton mask that is tightly woven with three layers. Combination of cotton-polyesters and linen may be a good option also.

What to avoid?

Some masks may not be good at all. It is always better to avoid these masks at any condition. Masks that have been made from fleece must not be used. By wearing a fleece mask, respiratory droplet may be increased instead of filtering out. It is considered to be thin material. Therefore, it may not able to trap the droplets.

Picking the Masks – Factors

In case you are out in the market to shop for a mask then following factors must be kept in the mind.

Fitting: The mask must fit with your face perfectly. However, it should not make you uncomfortable.
Breathability: It is better to look for cotton masks with multiple layers or a blend of a cotton-polyester. Fleece masks should not be worn as it does not offer enough filtration in comparison to other types of multi-layered masks.
Soaking ability: If you stay in a place with lot of humidity then it is quite natural to sweat after some time with the mask on your face. So, the mask can be made of a stretchy comfortable material that can soak the moisture easily such as spandex and polyester. Cool within the mask can be maintained during the time also.

Maintain its position: Masks must be tied with the help of strings or secured with ear loops properly. It should not be loose.

Durable: Masks must be reusable and washable. So that it can be utilized for a long time. Shape must be maintained by the mask also. Damages must not occur on the material after washing it few times.


How should you choose a mask for kids?

Just like the adults, kids are asked to wear a mask also to stay away from the coronavirus. However, children below the age of two cannot wear a mask. If a kid cannot able to remove a mask on their own then they should not wear a mask also.

For the kids, it is better to introduce mask gradually. It is better to let them wear a mask at home for a limited amount of time. In this way, they may become used to the mask.

Both size and fit is important for kids mask. In addition, prints of the kid’s mask must be playful. Cartoon characters and colorful masks may good option for them. In addition, all the guidelines implied on the adults must be followed also.

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