Simple Things that can prevent COVID-19

Seasonal flu is quite common. Everyone may have encountered it once in a while. However, symptoms of COVID-19 are quite similar to flu. Still, it has managed to create a pandemic globally. Something similar has not been seen in our lifetime. In spite of similar symptoms, Coronavirus is caused by a different kind of virus. By learning about the virus as much as possible, it may become possible to stay safe.

Due to this pandemic, life has become out of control completely. By doing some practical things, healthy living may be possible.

Cave in the home

Even an introvert person has been feeling the requirement to go out and socialize with the outside world at the moment. People have been staying within their homes than three to four months now. However, it may be an ultimate necessity now to ensure safety of the community.

For buying an item that someone have forgotten during last visit to the market may not seem essential at all. Browsing through the supermarket aisles unnecessarily is a luxury. By staying in the home, someone can isolate themselves from the rest and avoid the infection. Life must be automated as much as possible. Both live and livelihood must not be endangered at any cost.

Washing Your Hand

New rule of life is to wash the hand again and again. Before food prep, hands must be washed. Same thing must be done after cleaning, cutting and chopping the ingredients also. If someone is sick in the house then hands must be washed before and after. Same method must be applied for the babies also. Hand must be cleaned with soap after coughing, sneezing and using toilet also. In case of handling garbage, proper measures must be taken also. It is a must to wash after coming back to home from outside.

Try to touch your face less

In case someone is out of the house without any facility to wash the hand then it is better not to touch anything with the hand. For pushing a button, knuckles can be used. Foot or an arm can be utilized to open a door also. Lights can be put on with the help of the elbow. Bags with purchased goods must be turned inside out. Clothes must be washed also after venturing out of the house.

Wear a mask

If someone need to go out in public in order to do necessary work then a mask must be worn. In addition, a safe distance must be maintained also. It is better not to touch anything unnecessary. By using a mask, it is possible to limit the touch on the face with bare hands. Three layered masks may able to restrict the virus on the outer surface. Through the mask, air can be filtered also. Mask must be removed without touching the face. Later on, hands must be  cleaned properly also.

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