Should You Wear Masks While Exercising?

To reduce the spread of Coronavirus disease, several measures are taken in the community. Social distancing is one of the integral parts of the measures. In addition, it has been asked to maintain hand hygiene also. Face masks must be worn in the public areas. In this way, source of the disease can be controlled as much as possible. Risk of contracting with the droplets can be reduced with the process also. Mask ensures that droplet is not spread to another person.

Most of the countries have made it compulsory to wear a mask. In this way, transmission rate is being reduced. However, it can be a challenge to handle outdoor activities such as exercising while wearing a mask. It creates discomfort during breathing. By selecting a perfect face masks, issues can be avoided. More benefits can be ensured with the process. It has been noticed that exercises can be done while wearing a face covering.

Things to consider

  • Viral transmission can happen from an asymptomatic yet infected people. Pre-symptomatic people play an important role on the occasion too. During exercises, rate of breathing generally increases. Therefore, chances of virus containing droplet spread may increase also. Risk is more while exercising. Therefore, precautionary measures must be taken with the mask.
  •  N95 masks must be used by the frontline workers. Therefore, you must not used during exercising.

Expert Opinion on wearing mask while exercising

During exercising with the masks, hyperventilation and brain function reduction can be observed. By wearing a mask, a barrier is created for the airflow at the time of exercise. Intake of oxygen may be reduced. In addition, air may re-circulate in the area also. Exhaling more carbon-dioxide can be noticed at the time too. Therefore, trapped carbon-dioxide may be inhaled. As a result, lot of confusion in the mind can be created. Brain function may be compromised also. Consciousness can be lost as well.

Further increase in the heart rate can be noticed with the face mask while exercising. As a result, it may cause dehydration also. In addition, some dizziness and light headedness can be noticed too. Cardiac arrest may be encountered as well.

So, it is essential to keep a balance between benefits of wearing a mask and ill effects during exercise. If there is a rapid surge of COVID-19 then it is recommended to wear a mask in public. If you manage to maintain a safe social distance while working out then masks can be removed for few minutes to ensure ease of breathing. However, it may be risky to eliminate it completely in public places. Impact on running, exercising or cycling can be observed due to use of a mask. Therefore, you must take more rest while doing such cardio training with a mask.

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