Should you wear mask at home to reduce risk of coronavirus?

In the beginning of 2020, no one would have ever imagined that it is going to turn out like this. People have died due to this coronavirus also. It is a contagious disease that has been reported first time in the Wuhan region, China. Soon after, it has spread all over the world. Millions of people have been affected by this virus. Scientists have been gearing towards vaccine. Both in USA and Europe, roll out of the vaccine has started also. Now, it will be interesting to see how effective the vaccine is going to be.

Still, we may have to live with the coronavirus for some time now as it may not be possible to get the vaccine at once for everyone. Therefore, it is better to take preventive measures until the vaccine becomes available everywhere. To lessen the infection rate, experts are advising constantly to wear masks, maintain social distance and hand sanitization. By wearing a mask, chances of infection can be reduced to some extent certainly. Through studies, it has been seen that wearing mask outside the house is as important as wearing it inside the house. However, governmental guidelines must be followed on the occasion mostly.

Is wearing a mask mandatory?

Initially different opinions regarding wearing a mask have been seen all over the world. Countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, UAE, Korea, Japan and India have advised its citizen to wear a mask. On the other hand, USA has not made the mask mandatory for its citizens. Same rule has been applied by UK also. These countries have tried to save masks for the healthcare workers and patients in this way. However, the notions have changed over the time.

Should you wear mask at home?

Now, government from most countries has asked people to wear a mask whenever they are in the public space. Previously, guidelines from WHO has been followed. During the time, masks are worn by the sick people in addition to the people that have been taking care of them only. However, it is quite natural to be affected by the family members. So, how it can be stopped?

Through the studies, it has been observed that wearing a mask inside the house prior to the emergence of symptoms can reduce the transmission of virus by 79%. Therefore, wearing a mask whether you are inside or outside the house is always a safe option. However, guideline from WHO may not be seen on wearing the mask inside the house. Still, it is always better to stay safe. In addition, rules of social distancing and hand sanitization must be followed also.

Basically three types of masks are available in the market at the moment. There are cloth face masks, surgical masks and N95 masks. To stay healthy and safe, you can choose one from the options available in the market.

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