Should You Wear a Mask with Valve or Without

Safety can be ensured with the valve mask. It may help you to avoid chances of CO2 build up. Humidity levels can be reduced at the same time. Due to trapped humidity within the mask, bacterial growth can be noticed within the mask also. Therefore, testing of the masks must be done in a rigorous way. Based on EN 149 standard, masks have been approved by the European bodies. It is possible to come across FFP1, 2 and 3 masks on the occasion. Masks without certification from a regulatory body cannot be sold in Europe. Lots of manufactures have been selling ‘face covering’ due to this reason to avoid these restrictions.

If the product does not come with a CE certificate then it may not have been tested under EN149 standards. On the occasion, checks are done for flammability, filtration, skin irritation, breathing resistance and cleaning or disinfecting features also. In regards to CO2, marks must not exceed 1%.

In case the mask does not come with the valve then it may be difficult to pass the test. Build-up of excessive CO2 may not be seen with these masks.

Governmental Policies

Earlier, Center of Disease Control or CDC has reported about an issue of droplet exposure with the valve masks. On the occasion, several companies have considered it and concentrated towards creation of non valve mask. However, non valve mask pose some danger also. Some of the airline authorities have been preventing people from wearing a PPE with valve. Instead, they are being obliged to wear three ply surgical masks in case they do not have any other mask alternative. However, it may have reduced amount of protection from droplet exposure on such occasions. Design of 3 ply mask is not been made for filter. Hazardous droplets can be inhaled in this process too.

Through further testing, it has been found out that valve particle may able to decrease the particle emission in a better way in comparison to the surgical mask or procedure mask. By wearing a mask with high quality respiration, chances of infection can be reduced quite naturally.

Most of the governmental policies have been made during the peak season of coronavirus in the middle of 2020. It has been done to safeguard the frontline worker and accessibility of PPE kit for them. However, every country has been manufacturing enough amount of quality mask now. Therefore, everyone can use these masks. As a result, some changes in policy may be seen in future also.

Valve Design

Inside the casing, a silicone gasket can be noticed. Valve cup opens downward. As a result, you may exhale downward. The airflow may not go outward towards another person during the time.

If a person is walking slowly or relaxing then valve may not be opened. As a result, exhalation may be noticed through the mask filters. During heavy breathing only, opening of valve can be noticed. It may be matter of research now on how many droplets are being released during sneezing, coughing or heavy breathing. Design of the valve has been made in a way that it can decrease the amount of droplet spread.

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