Seven new symptoms of Coronavirus apart from classic ones

Due to mutation of coronavirus, list of symptoms have been increasing also. So, it is important to keep a track on everything. It is better to be aware of mild symptoms also in addition to severe ones. There are some unconventional and unusual symptoms of COVID-19 also. According to the latest reports, some new symptoms have emerged apart from the common symptoms such as cough, fever and loss of smell along with taste.

Classic Symptoms of COVID-19

From the beginning of novel coronavirus outbreak, some classic symptoms have been observed. National Health Services have said that the symptoms have been limited to continuous coughing, fever and loss or smell or taste. In addition to these above symptoms, there can be some other early symptoms of coronavirus also. Through studies, it has been found out that monitoring of body temperature can help to find out whether someone has coronavirus or not. In case the body temperature is higher than it is seen generally then it can be an early signs of coronavirus.

New Symptoms of Coronavirus

Most of the people are already aware about the common signs of coronavirus. However, spectrum of ailment is becoming broader now. If focus is on the classic symptoms of coronavirus only then there may be a higher risk of spreading the virus. It may be more dangerous for health also. By health official from Warington, Cheshire United Kingdom, seven new COVID-19 symptoms have been listed.
New symptoms of coronavirus include sore throat, joint pain and muscle aches, conjunctivitis, diarrhoea, skin rash, headache, finger and toe discoloration. Several cases of coronavirus have been seen where the symptoms have been very mild and it has been quite different from the classic ones. Therefore, it has not been possible to detect the virus easily. In this way, virus has managed to spread from a person to another also. In the later stage, they have started to fell unwell. Therefore, they have been tested. Later on, they have started to wear the mask strictly to stop the dissemination of viral load.

Coronavirus new variant found in UK has added some more complication also. Mutation of the COVID-19 has enabled it to spread more quickly. Life of the people has been endangered more. Therefore, people have been asked to wear the mask and maintain social distance outdoors always. Travelling guidelines have been updated also. People犀利士
have been asked to stay at home as much as possible. Several countries have started the vaccination process. Therefore, spread of coronavirus may be lessened in coming days.

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