SERO survey shows 56% people in Delhi have antibodies to fight it out COVID-19

Through a survey, it has been found that north district of Delhi has lowest sero prevalence among the 11 districts of Delhi. Samples show that 40.09% of people have been affected by COVID-19 virus so far. Scale of the sero survey has been really vast this time. Improved and innovative technologies are utilized for a precise result
In the total of 28,000 people, 56.13% samples have been collected for the serological survey for the fifth time. Findings have shown that antibodies have been developed by the people against the coronavirus. Health Minister of Delhi Satyender Jain has announced about it.

During a press conference, Jain has said that Delhi has lowest sero performance. North district comes with the 40.09% in average among the people that have been exposed to the virus so far. Sero prevalence can be seen at highest in southeast Delhi which comes with 62.18% from the sampled people. In the month of March, southeast Delhi has been one of the first places to be considered as a covid-19 hotspots in Indfia. Following to the visit to the Nizamuddin Markaz, several people have been found with COVID-19 positive in the month of March, 2020.
If you look at the sero Survey then you may notice that other ten districts in Delhi have about 50% sero prevalence. There are also some districts that have more than 55% prevalence.
Health Minister Satyendra Jain has said “In the fifth sero survey done in the national Capital, antibodies have been detected in 56.13% of the population. This was the largest survey conducted by the Delhi government so far. Delhi has largely won over Covid-19, but we should continue to practise Covid-19 appropriate behaviour.”
Full sero report may arrive in couple of days following further examination on the subject. Between 25th January and 23th January, the survey has been conducted. Minimum 100 samples have been collected from the 272 municipality wards in Delhi.

Similar to the previous survey report, women have developed more antibodies in comparison to the men. It seems that most of these people have suffered from COVID-19 at some point in the last one year. However, they have recovered completely. So, sero prevalence in Delhi is 56.13% in average.
Less amount of COVID-19 new cases have been seen in Delhi in the last two weeks. Previously, 200 new COVID cases have been seen every day in Delhi. Positivity rate is about 15% on the occasion. However, it has decreased to 1% at the moment.

Heath Minister Satyendra Singh has also said “Still, I want to urge everyone to continue wearing masks for a few more months. In the past two months, the compliance has improved substantially, the result of which is in front of everyone – Covid cases have drastically come down. If people continue to wear masks this way, we will be able to totally control the virus in the next few months”
CLIA Technology has been utilized on the occasion. More accurate results can be obtained on the occasion. Samples from different social economic strata are utilized as well as age group and population.

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