Russia registers the world’s first vaccine for animals called Carnivac-Cov

First animal vaccine for COVID-19 has been registered by Russia. To ensure the safety of agriculture, Rosselknoznandzor from Russia has said “The immunity lasts for six months after the vaccination, but the dose’s developers are continuing to analyse this” Mass production of this vaccine is expected to start from the next month. According to the Russian scientists, mutation of the virus can be stopped with the help from this vaccine.
Rosselknoznandzor Deputy Head Konstantin Savenkov has said “All test animals that were vaccinated developed antibodies to coronavirus in 100 percent of cases”. It is only vaccine in the world that is geared towards animals. In this way, coronavirus can be prevented in the animals.

For the development of animal vaccine for COVID-19, credit must be given to Rosselknoznadzor that is the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance. The vaccine has been named as Carnivac-Cov.
Deputy Head Konstantin Savenkov has said “The clinical trials of Carnivac-Cov, which started last October, involved dogs, cats, Arctic foxes, minks, foxes and other animals. It is the world’s first and only product for preventing Covid-19 in animals.”
In order to prevent the mutation, Demark has culled about 15 million minks last year after it has been discovered that they have been carrying a mutation of the coronavirus.

Later on, he has also added “The results of the trials allow us to conclude that the vaccine is harmless and highly immunogenic as all the vaccinated animals developed antibodies to the coronavirus in 100% of cases.”
Several countries with high number of animal breeding facilities such as The United States, Poland, Austria, Canada, Singapore and Greece have expressed their interest in the vaccine.
Military Officials from Saint Petersburg has said that the army dogs are expected to be vaccinated prior to their deployment in airports and World War II commemoration that has been held in the month of May.
For the humans, there are already three vaccines available in Russia. One of most popular among them is Sputnik V. Emergency approval has been given to two other vaccines named CoviVac and EpiVacCorona.
In Russia, coronavirus cases are on the rise also. From mere 8,711 cases, it has risen to 4,528,543 by 29th March. The data has been obtained from the anti-coronavirus centre.

According to the veterinarians, there is no need to vaccinate animals immediately. In a statement to AFP, one of the clinics has said that it has not been proven yet that the animals are carriers of the virus.
By the fur breeders in Russian, any cases of coronavrus in the animals have not been found. Therefore, planning regarding the vaccination has not been done yet.
During the trials process, some of the animals have been vaccinated. On the occasion, any side-effects have not been seen.
Zubkova who is the owner of 2 million farms has said that Carnivac-Cov is a decent vaccine.

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