Rules You Should Abide By while Meeting Loved Ones in Pandemic Times

Lockdown has been lifted in several countries throughout the world gradually. People have been allowed to eat at restaurants or grab a drink at a bar. In this list to do, you may find shopping in nearest malls also.
One of the best things of lifting lockdown is that you may able to see your loved ones once again. For almost a year, distance has been maintained with the relatives and friends. Therefore, they are very much missed.
Small gatherings can be organized at the garden or any other private spaces. However, safety measures must be taken on the occasion also. In order to meet outside the bubble, you should be cautious always.
Here are few rules to follow for organizing a meeting in safe and COVID-friendly manner.

Why should you follow safety measures?

Everyone must be eager to enjoy a garden party or meeting with groups of friends outside. However, you should not forget the fact that pandemic is not completely gone yet.
It is necessary to meet friends outside the house while maintaining social distance. You should be careful as much as possible. Most of the countries have allowed certain number of people to meet at once.

Tips for organize safe gatherings outside the house

For the springtime, you may have already started to prep your garden. Here are some ways on how you can host a party outside your house safely. By thinking about everything in advance, risk of meeting friends and family can be reduced to some extent. In this way, you and your loved ones can be protected against the virus as you meet each other.
Following tips must be implemented on the occasion
Chairs must be positioned at least 2 metres apart from each other, It is a suitable distance that enables you maintain a safety. Two people may not become too close to each other at any given point.
If the weather is slightly cold then you can ask the guest wrap themselves up properly. Due to COVID-19, lots of people cannot be allowed within the house even if you wanted. Therefore, warm clothes must be brought. If there is a possibility of rain then raincoat should be brought along also.
Guests can be asked to bring their own food and cutlery in order to avoid chances of cross contamination.

Hand sanitizer bottle must be kept in the pocket and it should be used whenever it is needed. Chances of affected by virus can be reduced in the process.
Mask should be worn even if you are outside in an open space. By wearing a face mask, risk of affected by the virus can be reduced to a great extent.
For the outdoor meet-up, you must pick a mask that is comfortable to wear for a long time. Protective layer around you can be created in the process. So, you must invest in a good quality mask. Some extra mask should be kept in the hand also for any guest that turns up without one.

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