Reason behind strong side effects after second dose of COVID-19 vaccine in some cases

So, are you ready to get second dose of coronavirus vaccine? It has been proved already that coronavirus vaccine can reduce severity of the infection. Chances of encountering an infection and its long terms implications can be reduced also. People are queuing up for the jab犀利士
s at the moment. Entire adult population of the county is eligible for the vaccines now. However, some people are worried about the side effects of vaccine. In India, about 4 million have
received the first dose of coronavirus vaccine while 1 million of them have been fully vaccinated so far.

Following to the vaccination, most of the people have experienced some side effects such as lethargy, tiredness, fever, headache, sore arm and nausea. These side effects are usually signs that your immune system is responding to the vaccine perfectly. However, some of the people have not experienced any side effects after the first vaccination. Based on the reports, it can be said that if you are going to take the second dose of vaccine in the next few days then you should prepare yourself for an intense side effect in comparison to the first dose. Experts have said that it is better not to fear the harsh side effects of vaccines. You should lift your morale and take the vaccine as soon as possible.

Difference between first and second dose side effects

For complete vaccination, second dose is essential as it helps us to protect us from coronavirus. Inflammatory reaction is usually kicked with the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Process of building antibodies are generally started during this time. Following to the second dose, memory cells are being triggered to take an action. By Healthline, it has been said that response from the immune system after the second dose is usually more robust. Therefore, stronger side effects are usually seen.

Side Effects of Vaccine

Based on the vaccine, difference in the side effects can be seen. It may vary from person to person also. Some time, severe reaction can be noticed after COVID-19 vaccines. Goal of a vaccination process is to provide immunity for long term and it is done through activating immune response which is also known as adaptive immunity.
Report from Healthline has suggested that reaction from the vaccine in a person depends on their different biochemical makeup, personal history and environment.
Post jab, milder side effects can be observed also. Most of the people experience local reaction, fatigue and fever. Severe side effects of vaccine include allergic reaction of anaphylactic nature. However, it is pretty rare. In addition, people can experience vomiting and diarrhea also.

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