Rare allergic reaction is reported after receiving shots of US vaccine

People around the world have been fighting against coronavirus. Some of the states have already shown progress through creation of vaccine. Process of trial has been completed in US. Vaccine has been approved by World Health Organization also on emergency basis. Now, we have to see the impact of the vaccine on the COVID-19. Both Pfizer and Moderna have started the vaccination process in USA. In few days, vaccination is going to start in various countries of Europe also.

In addition to the old strain of coronavirus, a new strain has emerged also from UK which has been spreading all over the world at the moment. Apart from New York, California, Colorado, Florida and now Georgia has also reported about patients with new strain of coronavirus. 18 year old man has been reported with the virus that does not have any travel history to UK. Right now, he has been asked to isolate in his home.

In Europe, Moderna vaccine is going to be utilized. Executive commission has already approved the vaccine for use. 80 million doses have been ordered by EU for the purpose of vaccination.

National Guard has been helping the health officials in several states to accelerate the vaccination process. In various states of USA such as California, number of infection and hospitalization has been on the rise once again.

Due to new strain of coronavirus, a national lockdown has been imposed in UK once again. Reports have suggested that one people in 50 is being infected by coronavirus recently in Britain. Infectivity rate in London is higher than other locations in England.

US States does not have to follow a particular plan for vaccination roll out

Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar has asked governors to vaccinate as much people as possible quickly. Initially, importance may be given on the vaccination of healthcare workers and residents of the nursing homes. 70% of the vaccines are in store still now. Therefore, focus has been shifted now to vaccination of more number of people in lesser time. Governor of Florida has already included elderly people from the state for vaccination.

CDC Reports of allergic reaction after administering COVID-19 vaccines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been monitoring the vaccination process. They have already reported 21 cases extreme allergic reaction called anaphylaxis after administering the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer-BioTech.

In 86% of cases, symptoms have been noticed within half an hour of administering the shot. However, these people have been prone to allergies. Some people have history of anaphylaxis in the past also. Most of these people are women.

21 cases have been found among 1,893,360 that have been administered the first dose of vaccine. However, it is definitely a rare case. Some time, Anaphylaxis can be reason of death. Medical attention may be required at the time.

Monitoring of the vaccination process may be continued by CDC in the coming days also. However, there is no doubt in the fact the vaccination is the important to get rid of virus and control pandemic.

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