‘R’ factor is the highest in India in a year, what does it mean with the rise of COVID-19 cases once again

Coronavirus cases have increased in India at an alarming rate once again. More than 131,750 people have been infected over the span of 72 hours. R or reproduction rate of COVID-19 has reached at 1.32 which is considered to be highest since the month of April in 2020. During the time, numbers of cases have been about 27,000.
R factor is static that is utilized worldwide for tracking and control the virus spread as much as possible. It shows how many people can be affected by a single person. Generally, one can affect two people. Now, those two people may able to infect two more people.

During a pandemic, it is targeted to bring down the R factor to 1 or below. It indicates that the spread of the virus may stop eventually as enough people may not be infected to continue with the outbreak.
From the month of November in 2020, India has been witnessing an ‘R’ rate of below 1.0. It has been great news for the country as it has been expected that coronavirus spread is on its decline. As a result, very few coronavirus cases are being reported.
Daily count of coronavirus cases have dropped from 90,000 in the month of September, 2020 to mere 10,000 in first couple of weeks of February this year.

However, active cases in India have started to increase once again at an alarming rate in the last few weeks. The numbers of active coronavirus cases have jumped to 334,000. So, about 150% spike has been noticed. In the last three days, 132,000 cases have been reported and 40,000 cases have been seen in one day.
New cases are seen mostly seen from few states like Maharashtra which is considered to be one of the most worst affected states in India as far as coronavirus is concerned. State capital Mumbai has about 3000 new cases in the last couple of days. Capital of India, New Delhi has reported 800 cases which is a first in 2021.
Both the central and state government is really worried about this recent rise in coronavirius cases in India. It has been said that laxity in the COVID-19 protocols has caused the rise in coronavirus cases recently. Once again, government has been reiterating the importance of wearing a mask and maintaining safe social distance in a public space. It is necessary to wash the hand with soap and disinfectant also

Coronavirus has mutated further and given birth to new strain in UK, Brazil and South Africa. Experts have said that these mutated coronvirus is more dangerous than the original strain.
R factor may able to tell us how quickly the virus may able to spread all over India. Due to decrease in the number of coronavirus spread, R fact can be influenced also. If the entire popular is able to get at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine then spread of the virus may be reduced certainly.

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