Protecting the Community with the Face Mask

COVID-19 or novel coronavirus has created a pandemic globally. It is quite an unheard of situation. Since, the disease is quite new to us. Therefore, scientists have been discovering something new about it every day. Recommendations are being made by the authorities to safeguard the community.

From the very beginning, CDC has been giving more importance to social distancing. It has been advised to keep minimum 6 feet distance from another person. Priority has been given to these measures to decrease the COVID-19 spread.

However, CDC is also recommending face masks now in the public arena. It is difficult to maintain social distancing in places like grocery shops, pharmacy and public transport.

Protecting Medical Supplies

Firstly, you must not use N-95 respirator face mask. It has been limited to the healthcare workers in the hospitals and critics. Important critical supplies must be protected at any cost.

However, cloth masks must not be used by children below 2 years. In case you suffer from severe asthma then face mask must be avoided also. However, it is better not to leave house in such cases.

Using the mask and maintenance

Through tiny droplets of COVID-19 generally spreads. In case if you cough, sneeze, laugh and even talk, droplets are exposed through the mouth. By wearing a mask, it is possible to contain the droplet. However, the masks must be worn properly on such situation.

Following recommendations are made by CDC

  • Mask must fit perfectly with your face
  • Masks must be secured with a tie or ear loop
  • Multiple layered masks must be worn always. Proper breathing is possible through these masks.
  • Mask must be cleaned and dried on routine manner
  • Face must not be touched while removing the mask.
  • Removing the mask, you must clean your hand.

DIY Masks

Masks can be made at home. If you are comfortable with the use of thread and needle then mask can be created with the 100% cotton t-shirts, napkins, bandanas and any cotton based fabric. Requirement of rubber bands, cloth strips and strings may be felt at the time too. By following a tutorial, you can create masks. However, you may not have enough time in your hand to make these masks. These homemade masks may not be fashionable enough also to wear outside. In such situations, you can easily buy masks from the market. Quality mask providers are available in the market. It is possible to choose one according to your preference.

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