Predictions about third wave of COVID-19 should not be taken as ‘weather report’ – warns Govt

According to the government, COVID-19 third wave predictions should be taken seriously. If people continue to disregard coronavirus restrictions then improvement made so far can become ineffective. Joint Secretary of Health Ministry, Lauv Aggarwal has said this in the midst of reports about thousands of tourists flocking in the hill stations and breaking the COVID-19 rules and regulations.

During the press conference about coronavirus pandemic, Lauv Aggarwal has said that people are failing to understand the importance of COVID appropriate actions. By following the rules and regulations, it may be possible to stay away from the future wave of coronavirus pandemic. Aggarwal has said “We would like to request to everyone — when we talk about the third wave, we are taking it as a weather update and not understanding its seriousness and our responsibilities associated with it”
Data has implied that there are 73.4% new cases of Covid-19 in the month of July. Most of these cases have come from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. Positive rate of 10% has been reported from more than 55 districts of India. Central team have gone to Maharashtra, Assam, Chattisgarh, Odisha, Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland to support the infrastructure for COVID management.

Dr. V K Paul, a member from Niti Ayog has been present during the press conference also. Coronavirus third wave has been reported from various parts of the world. Therefore, people are being request to take actions in order to avoid it.
Daily count of new cases in India is about 32,906 which lead to the total count of 30,905,819 cases. Based on the data of Union Health Ministry, death toll is about 410, 784.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has met eight chief ministers of northeast states and discussed about the issue. By looking at the crowd flocking at the hill station that too without mask, Narendra Modi is concerned
Modi has said “It is true that tourism and business have been greatly affected due to Corona. But today I will say with great emphasis that it is not right to have huge crowds in hill stations, markets without masks. We all need to work together to stop the third wave of Covid-19 pandemic”

By following the COVID-19 protocol perfectly, third wave can be prevented. Due to constant mutation of the virus, threat can escalate rapidly. Therefore, prevention and treatment is only solution on the occasion. Vaccination has started all over the country. However, it will take time to vaccinate the entire population. In this situation, people need to abide by the COVID protocols to stay healthy and safe.

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