Precaution is necessary for new variant of Coronavirus

Cases with the new variants of coronavirus have already been seen in the location like California and Colorado apart from other parts of the world. Just after a week of its emergence in United Kingdom, cases have started to emerge in other countries.

Doctors and medical professionals have asked people not to panic. However, people must stick to the proven measures of infection control more now like wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.

Recent analysis has established the fact that the recent variant of COVID-19 is 70% more transmissible. Previously, it has been thought that mutation may not be more harmful than previous ones.

Evidence has not been found yet that the new strain of coronavirus may make the people sicker. Death risk may not be higher at the same time according to US Centers for Disease Control or CDC. It has been also said that the COVID-19 vaccine is enough to protect people against the new coronavirus.

By the researcher in UK, new strain of coronavirus has been detected first in the month of September. Cases have been found mostly in southeast England and London at the moment. It has been seen that minimum 15% people in UK has been carrying the new variant of virus. However, there are 10% people that have been infected by the standard coronavirus also.

Data has established the fact that new strain of coronavirus is not putting up any resistance against the vaccine yet. It has been seen with the both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Roll out of the vaccine has already started in USA. Other countries in Europe have been planning to begin the vaccination process as soon as possible.

Immune system is expected to be induced with the help of these mRNA based vaccines to develop antibodies in various portions of the spike protein. Spike protein present in the outer layer generally attaches the virus to the cells within the human body.

Studies have been still going on regarding effectiveness of the coronavirus new variant. Scientists are not worried so far that the new variant may able to surpass the vaccine. However, it is also true that the new strain has emerged very recently. Therefore, it is not easy to determine what it is capable of doing in the future. Researchers are keeping a watch on the virus constantly. If the virus mutate further in the future then it may evade the protection offered by the vaccines available so far.

Still, there is no reason to be complacent as the coronavirus is a rage all over the world. Scientists must give attention to the critical mutation by doing the genomic surveillance actively as the pandemic continues to spread. In the future, some changes in the current vaccine may be required.

Due to arrival of coronavirus new variant, people must take responsibility of protecting themselves and people around them.

Starting from UK, the new strain of coronavirus is becoming prevalent globally now. Tried and tested measure such as physical distancing and wearing a mask in addition to the hand hygiene must be given more importance now to reduce chances of transmission.

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