Olympics during the time of COVID-19: 3 athletes test positive with coronavirus, 2 of them are residing in Olympic village

Due to rampant nature of COVID-19 last year, organizing country Japan has decided to postpone it. Originally, Olympic is scheduled to be held on 2020. However, it is going to begin from 23rd July, 2021 following to the coronavirus pandemic. Olympic is a sporting event that is held with four year gap where athletes from most of the countries in the world come and participate.

Now, athletes have started to come to Olympic Village. Recently, two of the athletes have tested positive with the coronavirus. The announcement has been made on Sunday. Identities of these a犀利士
thletes have not been revealed. There is also one infected athlete that has been staying at a hotel which has been designated by the organizers. Prior to the commencement of Olympic, citizens of Japan have not been happy with the decision from government regarding organizing the event in the midst of pandemic.
Till now, 10 cases have been detected. Five game concerned personnel have been tested positive with COVID-19 also. In addition, there is also one journalist and contractor on the list. By the Olympic Committee, the list has been uploaded as well.

According to the OC records, COVID-19 cases related to the games have gone up to 55 already. It has not been specified yet whether two of the coronavirus affected athletes will be quarantining at the Game Village or not.
As some of the non-athletes have tested positive with the deadly virus, they have been taken out of the premises.
On Saturday, some of the Indian athletes have left for Japan and they have reached the location on the Sunday morning. In this Indian delegation of athletes, you may able to find archers, hockey players, table tennis players and swimmers along with some others.
Both the Indian boxers and shooters have reached Japan for the Olympics from the training locations in Italy and Croatia respectively.

Olympic is going to be a closed door event this year due to increase in the infection rate inside the capital city of Japan. 1000 cases have been reported in the last few days. Now, we have to wait and see whether the number of infected people rise further in both inside and outside of Game Village.
In spite of cynicism among the people, Thomas Bach who is the President of International Olympic Committee has said that the game does not pose any threat to the Olympic Village resident as well as Japanese people.
In the coming days, it can be seen whether decision to hold Olympic in the time of pandemic prove to be right or wrong.

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