NSW makes alterations to the restrictions of coronavirus

Coronavirus restrictions are to ease in NSW from here on. In the indoor setting, 30 people are allowed to stay without the mask. Previously, it has been mandatory to wear a mask even indoors.

Some role back can be noticed as far as limited gathering is concerned. During the Christmas and New Year season, these restrictions have been imposed. It is possible to welcome 30 people within your house. Children are included in the list too. In case of an outdoor event, the head count can go up to 50 people. NSW Premiere Gladys Berejiklian has announced about it as well.

For the wedding, 300 guests can be invited. However, rule of four square meter or social distancing should be practiced on the occasion.

In case of public transport, you have to wear a mask. Same rule can been applied to the churches and other religious places. For the hospitality venue, retail and supermarket, mask wearing is optional. However, mask is mandatory for hospitality workers that have been interacting with the guest all the time.

If a person is visiting a place where it is difficult to abide by the rules of social distancing such as supermarket then it is better to look of the staff policy and decide whether to visit the location or not.

Some of these rules are mandatory. Therefore, you should not neglect it as a mere suggestion.

During visit to a beauty salon or a hair salor, you may have to stay there for a long amount of time. Therefore, both the beauty parlor owner and the guest must wear a mask.

Further relaxation on restrictions may be seen in coming weeks if everything goes well. If the community transmission of the virus stays low then the relaxation on the restriction may be continued.

Social distancing rule may be changed from four square meters to two square meters in case of a wedding in the future. Same can be seen with the other events like funerals also.

However, there is long way to travel until people can reach a good place as far as COVID-19 relaxation rule is concerned.

On the other hand, New Zealand has imposed a ban on travel once again yesterday. In order to enter in USA, traveler may need to submit their COVID testing results. It is a rule that is going to be applied for every country all around the world.

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