New Zealand announces nationwide lockdown just after discovery of one case of COVID-19

As a man has tested COVID-19 positive in New Zealand post zero cases for over six months, the government has announced a snap lockdown. Coronavirus case has been found in Auckland. Therefore, a weeklong lockdown will be at the place. In other places of the country, lockdown will stay for about three days.

The authorities are assuming that the new case has a Delta variant of coronavirus. Till now, only 20% population of the country has been vaccinated.

The infected person has recently visited the coastal town of Coromandel. So, it will be under lockdown for seven days as well.

On the occasion, Prime Minister of New Zealand has said that level 4 tough rules are required to handle the sudden occurrence of coronavirus in the country. According to the rules, schools and offices are closed. Essential services are operational at the moment only. She has said “I want to assure New Zealand that we have planned for this eventuality. Going hard and early has worked for us before”

A 58 year old man is found to be infected with COVID-19 last Thursday. There could be about 23 possible sites of transmission. Rush in the supermarket has been seen as the locals have anticipated about the snap lockdown.

Officials have said that strong response is necessary as there is fear around the Delta variant. New case cannot be linked with the quarantine facilities or border. Therefore, it is quite likely that coronavirus has spread once again in some part of the country. New Zealand’s Ministry of Health has released a data on Monday and said some cases have been detected in the country’s border area that are caused by the Delta variant of coronavirus.

Prime Minister Ms. Adern has said “We have seen what can happen elsewhere if we fail to get on top of it. We only get one chance” during her televised address for the nation. Delta has been referred as the ‘game changer’.

Successfully, New Zealand government and officials have been working to eliminate the virus from their borders. International borders are mostly closed till now.

Vaccination programme is rolling out within the country in a rather slow pace. Mere 20% of the population have been vaccinate fully whereas 33% have been administered only single dose of the vaccine.

In the coming days, New Zealand government may increase the vaccination rate. So, more number of people can be given a layer of protection.

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