New Oral Symptoms of COVID-19 along loss of taste to stay aware of

In the beginning of Coronavirus, loss of smell and taste has come across as one of the common symptoms. To get rid of these symptoms, lot of time may be needed. Sometimes, these symptoms have been seen in more than 60% cases.
However, it may not be only symptoms related to coronavirus that may affect your taste buds. Through case studies and researches, some more symptoms have been found. Virus affects our body in more ways than that has been thought before. Vital senses are impaired quite naturally.


According to NIH, COVID-19 patients suffer from diverse kinds of oral symptoms during course of the infection. These symptoms are usually seen prior to the occurrence of other common coronavirus symptoms. Therefore, it often goes unnoticed.

What is the reason oral COVID symptom?

Symptoms are seen when the virus starts multiply itself within the body at a rapid rate. Evidence has not been found yet which says the virus replicates itself within the oral cavity or tissues. However, spread modes of infection are talking, coughing and mere breathing on the occasion.
In case asymptomatic COVID-19 patients, these oral symptoms can be seen also. It may be evident in the mild cases also where other symptoms are not present also. Presence of the SARS Cov-2 virus in the oral cavity and tissue can be indicated in the process. It can be one of the prime reasons behind the transmission also. Lot more research on the subject is still required.
Here are few symptoms that you should look out for in the early days of the coronavirus infection.

Dry Mouth

In case of viral infection, dry mouth is often experienced. It is an autoimmune disorder that has become one of the symptoms of COVID-19 as well.
On the occasion, difficulty is faced to produce saliva in the mouth that helps to lubricate the mouth. Impact on the digestion can be seen as a result also. Saliva can help to stay away from bad bacteria and pathogens as well. Bad breath may be sign of dry mouth as well. As a result, trouble in chewing food, burning sensation and difficulty in speaking can be seen.


Virus often attacks the organ lining and muscle fibers. Due to this reason, inflammation can be seen and it is showcased in the form of lesion or painful bumps. It may be seen noticed in the gum and tongue area also.
However, mouth infection can be seen due to ulcers, allergies and irritations also.

COVID Tongue

One of the most discussed symptoms of COVID-19 now is the COVID tongue. Reasons behind it have not been found yet. Inflammation or burning sensation can be felt in the tongue surface. It can be connected with the skin rashes also.

Change in the tongue color or sensation

Both color and texture of the tongue may be changed. Weird feeling can be experienced in the tongue due to swelling, irritation or pathogen multiplication. Same thing can be seen in the lips also. Instead of a pink tongue, redness, white patches or dark tongue can be noticed too.
Therefore, people have been asked to stay careful and not to ignore any symptoms.

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