Long COVID: Symptoms that may put you in the risk of having post-COVID syndrome

Increase in the number of COVID-19 cases can be seen once again in various places of the world. Sometime, people can suffer from Long COVID also.
Some of patients have been reporting that their symptoms are persisting even long after battling with COVID-19. So, what are the prime reasons behind long COVID? How can a patient become prone to post COVID syndrome? On the occasion, the answers may not be very clear.
Now, the researchers have managed to find some signs through the case studies by looking at the symptoms that are seen common with the patient with long COVID.
Nature Medicine journal published study has established long COVID patients have suffered from following symptoms in the initial days of their COVID-19 infection.

Symptoms of COVID-19 can be seen in waves

Some of the conditions may be noticed with 10% of COVID-19 patient in the world. By knowing these symptoms, it may be possible to prepare in better manner to deal with the health issues in coming days. It has been observed by the researchers that some of the post COVID syndrome patient may experience the symptoms in waves in regular intervals. Symptoms may appear gradually in a span of 7 to 10 days. Sometimes, the symptoms can persist up to two months even. Patients may panic on the occasion. Delay in the timeline can be noticed too. Some of the patients may not be aware of these symptoms. As a result, they may not consider being long COVID patient.


Extreme amount of fatigue can be experienced in combination with exhaustion and tiredness. It is a symptom that is generally noticed with viral infection. However, it can be seen with COVID-19 also. Fatigue is also a sign of degradation in disease and it may take more than a month to resolve.
Tiredness and fatigue is common sign to indicate that the body is exhausted from fighting the disease. Sometime, immune system may unload harmful cytokines. As a result, the body may start to attack itself which may lead to fatigue.
Therefore, hydration and rest is necessary for recovery. It is important to eat properly and replenish the body
with lot of fluid. Body should not be forced to do something.

Horse Voice

Due to sore throat, horse voice may be seen along with the cough in early signs of coronavirus. It is a way through which the virus attacks the body. It is a symptom that may increase the risk of long COVID.
Horse voice is seen when the virus start to attack the respiratory system and cause inflammation. Lot of coughing may be witnessed too.


In case of coronavirus one sided headache is a common symptom. Sometime, pain may become excruciating too. Chances of severe infection heighten if the symptoms persist longer. Persisting headache for more than 72 hours without getting relief with the painkillers in addition to gastrointestinal and neuro symptoms may increase the risk of post COVID syndrome.

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